Meet our February Batch!

February Cohort — Photos of our new startups

We’re happy to introduce a new batch of Bridge for Billions entrepreneurs who started their incubation journey in February! For the next three months they will be working alongside their mentors, through our Eight Business Creation Tools, in order to strengthen and develop their businesses. Our February batch features an international group of 5 entrepreneurs and 8 mentors spanning 6 cities, and involving a variety of projects from architecture to tourism.

Púasdeplata, Valencia → Emilio Moreno- mentored by Juan Sebastian Gallo and Isidro Campo Bécares

Emilio Moreno is from Valencia, Spain. Emilio founded PúasdePlata, which sells guitar picks in various colors and models such as key chains, necklaces, and as picks. The picks can be personalized by the customer and the picks come in a variety of metals. Emilio joined Bridge for Billions because he’s looking to develop a strong business plan based on the idea they’ve been developing with the help of an experienced mentor. Emilio will be mentored by Juan Sebastian Gallo and Isidro Campo Bécares. Juan currently works in Management Consulting in Medellin, Colombia. Juan has always been interested in entrepreneurship outside of his professional experiences, which has lead him to develop a number of projects. He hopes to help other entrepreneurs learn from his own entrepreneurial experiences. Juan believes in mentorship as a tool for development, which is why he joined Bridge for Billions. Isidro Campo Bécares also works in Management Consulting in Valencia, Spain. Isidro was brought along by Emilio to collaborate with PúasdePlata as a mentor. However, Isidro is also interested in learning about new and exciting options in business development, which he feels that he can do through Bridge for Billions.

Touristalent, Madrid → Joaquín Almodovar - mentored by Nacho Garcia

Joaquín Almodovar is from Madrid, Spain. Joaquín founded Touristalent, an online portal that connects people with an interest in sectors such as marketing, communication, and design with employers in the tourism industry. Since the tourism industry is such a dynamic and competitive industry, Joaquín feels that it is the perfect industry to target his business towards. He hopes to increase access to the labor market for young people with wonderful professional capabilities through his platform. Joaquín will be mentored by Nacho Garcia. Nacho is a Digital Entrepreneur based in Madrid, Spain. Nacho has started two ventures, and had held management positions in the fields of business development, marketing and sales at various startups. Nacho has had wonderful experiences with mentors during his own experience as an entrepreneur, and wants to give back by providing the same support and guidance for others. This is one of the main motivating factors that led him to join Bridge for Billions.

The Archi-Hub, Madrid → Jorge Adán Sanchez - mentored by Pablo Escobedo and Siddharth Suri

Jorge Adán Sanchez is originally from Mexico, but currently lives in Madrid, Spain. Jorge founded The Archi-Hub, an online platform where people can contact and obtain the services of an architect no matter where they’re located. The platform is a database organized as a social network that is ordered by architectural style. Architects, designers, and architectural students can upload their portfolios with their drawings, photographs, and blueprints and people who are in search of an architect can peruse them. Jorge hopes to make customized architectural designs accessible to all through his platform by making talented architects more accessible to untapped markets. Jorge joined Bridge for Billions because he was looking to create a business plan with a strong business model, while being helped by a mentor. Jorge will be mentored by Pablo Escobedo and Siddharth Suri. Pablo Escobedo currently works at la Bolsa Social (an equity crowdfunding platform for social businesses) in Communication and Marketing in Madrid, Spain. He chose to join Bridge for Billions in order to give back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He also has experience helping startups receive financing making him a good fit as a mentor. Siddharth Suri is a Carnegie Mellon graduate who is passionate about entrepreneurship and design.

Surf & Moon, Madrid → Pedro Arribas Redondo - mentored by Javier Moral

Pedro Arribas Redondo is currently based in Madrid, Spain. He founded Surf & Moon a travel agency focused on surf-centered tourism. Surf & Moon will plan trips that are centered around nature-based activities in order to allow travelers to enjoy their trips while also coming into closer contact with themselves and other adventure-seekers. Pedro will be mentored by Javier Moral. Javier is the Founder and CEO of Fangaloka Space, a coworking space based in Madrid, Spain. Javier is passionate about startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He helps organize and run Startup Weekend in Madrid, and he has founded various ventures. Javier’s passion for entrepreneurship and his experience as a startup founder makes him a fitting mentor for Pedro.

The Bridge, Incheon → SoonJong Kim - mentored by Benjamin Overton and Hyunkil Yang

SoonJong Kim is from Incheon South Korea. SoonJong founded The Bridge, a company that specializes in entrepreneurship workshops and mentorship that is customized to developing countries while ensuring that they are suited for the local context. The Bridge hopes to provide the business concepts necessary for people who have needs-based solutions to succeed. SoonJong hopes to support and empower local entrepreneurs in developing countries, especially those who have less access to incubations and consulting agencies. She hopes to receive validation about The Bridge’s business model with the help of strategic consulting on how to expand operations from Bridge for Billions’ mentors. SoonJong will be mentored by Benjamin Overton and Hyunkil Yang. Benjamin Overton works in Non-Profit Organization Management in New York City, New York. Benjamin is passionate about building support systems for leaders in social change. He already connects entrepreneurs with legal assistance through his job, and he wishes to utilize his knowledge further by mentoring entrepreneurs through Bridge for Billions. Hyunkil Yang is based in Seoul, South Korea, and works in the Venture Capital and Private Equity field. He is passionate about empowering social entrepreneurs, and he wishes to show that social enterprises can both create a social impact, and generate financial income, which is why he joined Bridge for Billions.

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