Mentoring: A Learning Experience

Bridge for Billions is the online incubator for early-stage entrepreneurs to structure, develop, and refine their business with a mentor that guides them step-by-step. Meet one of our mentors Rosa Almoguera, who is mentoring Rob Sanders of Fundación Sanders.

Rosa Almoguera is an International Education Consultant for CEU Educational Group, one of Spain’s most prestigious academic institutions. Her years of experience were key in becoming mentor to Robert Sanders, who was developing a social and emotional behavioral strategy management system for school children. Their mutual interest in education both in Spain and the United States made Rosa especially capable in helping Robert develop his business plan in order to strengthen Fundación Sanders in their new developments. Rosa decided to begin mentoring with Bridge for Billions because she wanted to help a “younger generation that is trying to get into the labor market” and Bridge for Billions offered her a way of achieving that goal.

Rosa Almoguera

Rosa credits Bridge’s structure for making the process easy. Bridge’s online incubation platform helped her “see the entrepreneur’s progress and accompany him along the way.” Her work with Robert has also helped her expand her own knowledge. She did not have much contact with how applications work through her work as a consultant, and since Robert is developing an anti-bullying app as part of Fundación Sanders, she was able to grasp a deeper understanding at how that process worked. Rosa attributes the Pricing Strategy and Business Model as her favourite part of the platform. She is most looking forward to the tool that examines the social impact of the business because she feels that it falls in line with her interests. Rosa has found her time with Bridge to be a “very enriching” mentoring relationship, and “would recommend it to anyone willing to share their professional experience.” She has gotten a lot out of her experience as a mentor, and hopes to continue her mentoring relationship with Robert after the completion of the Bridge for Billions program.

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