Staying Productive this Summer

Photo credits: Unsplash
Bridge for Billions is the online incubator for early-stage entrepreneurs to structure, develop, and refine their business with a mentor that guides them step-by-step. Our online platform lets you jump start your entrepreneurial idea, while enjoying your summer from wherever you are.

With summer in full-gear it can be difficult to stay focused. Relaxation is more tempting than productivity. You see your friends and family planning trips to the beach, and joining them is more tempting than trying to figure what your next move is, how you will attract investors, find the right team, or even figure out how to further develop that idea or project you’ve been working on for a while — the endless struggles of an entrepreneur. But it’s this same tempting relaxation that can help you be even more productive than during any other season of the year. It gives you the opportunity to unwind and reward yourself for your productivity.

Here at Bridge for Billions we encourage you to pursue the project you’ve been putting off out of fear or lack of time. Give yourself the opportunity to really develop your idea, learn your market opportunities, competitive advantage, and limitations. By doing so, you will develop the confidence to start taking concrete steps towards your goals and executing your innovative ideas.

Many see the summer as a loss since a lot of angel and capital investors tend to be away during the summer. We like to stay optimistic and think of it as an opportunity to prepare a well-prepared visualized pitch to present when they do come around looking for entrepreneurs to invest in.

It is said that the beginning of the fall or spring, when most business receive a budget, is the best time of the year to start pitching and attracting investors. With that said, pursue your project or keep up your momentum this summer with Bridge for Billions!

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