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The Bridgefy app for Android and iOS works similar to other messaging apps, except it can also be used without Internet and phone services (SMS)! To download the app, visit: or search “Bridgefy” on your app store.

**Please DO NOT create an account on if you’re trying to use the messaging app; creating an account is for Bridgefy SDK access only.**

There are three ways Bridgefy works:


By using Bluetooth, smartphones can connect over a range of 330 feet (100 meters), like this:

This is a considerable distance, specially when you’re at a crowded music festival, at a sports stadium, or out hiking.

One-To-One Long Distance

You can chat over even larger distances, as long as there are more Bridgefy users between you and the person you want to reach, like this:

These “hops”, also called a mesh network, can go on indefinitely! The people in the middle don’t have access to your messages, have to perform any action whatsoever, or have to be in your contacts list.


Another cool feature is found within your Bridgefy app, on the “Broadcast” tab. Once you’re inside this chat room, you’ll be able to text with anybody around you that is also using the Bridgefy app, even if they’re not on your contacts list! It’s great for natural disasters, sharing information during a music concert, or at a sports game. You can automatically connect with up to 6–7 people at a time. It works like this:

Important note about Broadcast messages: these messages are NOT encrypted!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the Bridgefy app, and how do I start using the Bridgefy messaging app?

You may download the Bridgefy app by simply looking for it on your phone’s app store, searching “Bridgefy”.

Using the app is very simple. Once you’ve downloaded it on your Android or iOS device, make sure of the following:

– You have Internet access the very first time you open the app. This lets us sync your contacts and show them to you. If you don’t have Internet access, you may still use the app, but your contacts will not show up.

– Bluetooth is turned on on your device

– You have the latest version of the app

Why do you need access to my phone’s contacts? Why can’t I see some of my contacts?

Sometimes, a friend will download Bridgefy after the first time you open the app on your own device. This means that we at Bridgefy will register your friend as being on our database, but in order for you to see that friend on your contacts list, you’ll need to connect to the Internet for us to let your app know. Whenever you can, connect to the Internet so your new contacts will sync !We need access to your contacts list so that we can tell you which of your friends is on Bridgefy.

How do I add a contact to Bridgefy?

Bridgefy looks through your phone’s contacts list, and then shows you your friends that already have installed Bridgefy. If you don’t see one of your friends on your Bridgefy contacts list, try the following:

  1. Make sure your friend is on your phone’s contacts. Remember your phone’s contacts list is different from your Bridgefy contacts list.
  2. Connect to the Internet so your contacts can sync
  3. Make sure your friend has installed Bridgefy, and has connected to the Internet at least once since the installation.Why can’t I get the SMS verification message? Can I still use the app even if I didn’t get the SMS verification message?

In order for you to get an SMS message, you need to have access to your phone plan. Remember: your phone plan is the one that lets you make calls and receive SMS text messages. This is different from having access to Internet. If you don’t have access to phone services, you won’t be able to receive the verification SMS, but don’t worry: you can still use Bridgefy. Click “Skip Verification” (a new button that appears after 2–3 failed attempts at entering the verification code). You’ll be able to access the app, but you won’t be able to see all of your contacts, and your friends won’t be able to make sure it’s you talking to them. We recommend you skip verification, then try to verify again later in the Settings section.

Is the Bridgefy app safe?

Messages sent from one person to another through Bridgefy are encrypted, which means that it’s very unlikely anyone will be able to read them. Messages sent through the Broadcast chat are NOT encrypted. Please keep in mind that your phone number can be seen by anyone using the Bridgefy app nearby, but only if you enter the Broadcast section.

Why do you ask for access to my location services?

Android users will see a prompt pop up when they’re first using the Bridgefy app, which asks for access to location permissions. This does not mean that we’re going to be tracking your location, it just means that the Android operating system requires it from us app developers that need to use the Bluetooth antenna on your phone.

Can I create chat groups?

Creating groups is currently not supported, but you may use the Broadcast section to talk to anyone around you with the Bridgefy app.

Make sure your friends also have the app installed and have their Bluetooth running. The more people use it, the better it works!

What do I do if I’m still having issues with the app?

These questions are the only possible issues you could have with the messaging app. Please make sure you followed all the steps, and meet all of the setup conditions. If you still have problems using the app, please sign out from the Profile section, delete the app, and install it again. Please don’t use the support chat on for Bridgefy App issues, we only offer chat support for Bridgefy SDK matters.

How can I delete my Bridgefy account?

By simply signing out (On iOS: Settings → Profile → Log Out. On Android: top right menu → Settings → top right menu → Log Out ). This will delete your Bridgefy account :(

Can I build my own app that works without Internet?

Yes! The Bridgefy SDK is software that can be implemented into almost any kind of mobile app, so you can build game, text, dating, sports, news, etc. apps that also work without Internet. Visit and help us connect the unconnected!


Bridgefy: The SDK that makes apps work offline

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Bridgefy: The SDK that makes apps work offline

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