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Bridge Identity Platform 3.0 Released

We are excited to release Bridge Identity 3.0 Beta to the community! If you are not familiar with the Bridge Identity platform, please read What is the Bridge Identity Platform? to learn more.

What’s new in version 3.0?

This release takes Bridge Identity to the next level with substantial updates that will offer easier application integration, increased blockchain support, and an improved user experience.

Cross-Chain Bridge Token and Smart Contract Support

A major feature of this release is the support for both the NEO and Ethereum blockchain networks. Bridge Token and Bridge Identity are fully implemented and supported on both chains.

The token was initially created in 2018 on NEO as a NEP-5 token, but with this release, the token is now also on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. The cross-chain token can swapped easily between chains using the Bridge Passport Browser Extension. The cross-chain token and smart contract support enables ecosystem projects on either chain to take full advantage of Bridge Token payments and on-chain Bridge Identity in their applications.

Updated Bridge Network Explorer

The Bridge Network Explorer was redesigned and extended to handle the expanded functionality of the Bridge Network. Alongside an updated user interface and mobile fixes, the explorer now also monitors and displays the distribution of the Bridge Token across both the NEO and Ethereum networks.

Redesigned Passport Browser Extension

The Bridge Passport Browser Extension user interface was redesigned from the ground-up with usability and extensibility in mind. In addition to the redesign, the interface was also rewritten to implement the Vue.js framework for a more robust user experience, while also enabling the extension to be easily maintained and extended with new functionality in the future.

Restructured Core SDK and Integration Components

The Bridge Protocol Software Development Kit and integration components were restructured to make integration with Bridge Protocol and Bridge Network simpler. We have improved the structure, added more tests, and added more sample code to make it simple for developers to integrate the platform into their applications.

Serverless Bridge Network and Marketplace Infrastructure

We’ve made substantial upgrades to the underlying Bridge Network and Bridge Marketplace infrastructure to enhance performance and offer a more cost-effective and resilient network by leveraging serverless technology.

To learn more or view documentation and source code to get started with Bridge Identity, visit the links below:

What is the Bridge Identity Platform?

Documentation Site


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