Bridge Product Release and Team Updates

The team is really excited to share some great tech releases ahead of schedule!

It has been a fun journey and the market sentiment for regulatory compliance is growing everyday. Bridge is proud to offer standardized compliance on the blockchain. Our tool offers one of the most portable, seamless and standardized identity and compliance services on the market.

This is just the beginning, our open Application Programming Interface (API) allows for businesses to verify things like resumes, supply chain tracking and more using blockchain built by Bridge Protocol.

We are proud to offer this to the community and thank everyone for helping us reach this milestone. Now let’s jump in!

Bridge API

The core of the Bridge Identity is in our public API and infrastructure. We wanted to build something that was light and portable. Blockchain brings many challenges around storage and portability, so we had to get creative where we could.

We tackled these hurdles in our infrastructure.

Using some really great open source tools like Rancher and Kubernetes; our engineers are able to easily handle heavy demand (loads) on the system and easily identify them through an intuitive interface. Kubernetes allows us to automate the scaling and management of containers that house the Bridge core. This allows us to reduce costs of labor and manage issues as they appear with rapid speed.

The portability aspect is even cooler, using containers allows you to run the software on your laptop, any public or private cloud. Finally, if we have large demand then our team can easily scale, helping to meet demand that may be sudden.

The API is our roadmap for developers who want to use the Bridge Passport for verifying any criteria that they need.

Bridge Protocol Explorer

This is where our users are able to see the verification partners on a streamlined website from the comforts of their browser.

Simply plug in the Passport or Application ID that was sent to you and you can see claims and Transaction History.

Similar to NeoTracker and EtherScan; but now we have tailored this to be built around the heart of blockchain; which is verifying transactions with the addition of claims.

You can easily see if a Passport is approved and what verification has been done.

No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is on the network for anyone to see, ever! Phewww… GDPR is now a breeze!

Private vs Public Claims

Below you can see the claims that the system can provide while preserving anonymity. We know there is nothing like this on the market; compliance and anonymity are a thing of the digital future.

Our system certifies users to the rigor of United States banking standards. We also have criteria we can set for businesses on time limit to criterion expiration. This is especially useful for regulation around accredited investors in the United States that has a 60 day look-back period.

Private Claims — These are things that are considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Those are things like First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Email Address.

Public Claims — These are things that are accessible to the public and viewable to the world.

They are vague by intent.

At a quick glance, someone could share their Bridge Passport/Public Address and unlock. The receiving party can see if they are accredited investors, over 18 or 21 and nationality. To assert you own that digital identity, the user simply unlocks their wallet and sends a payload to the other user, affirming that is their metadata.

The Bridge Passport Chrome Extension

Live on Google Play Store on your Desktop/Laptop

Our team is opening the Bridge Passport Extension to our community and early adopters. We will be using this controlled release to get feedback from our community, which matters most! You can request a link to download on our site; or our team will be in coordination for your email to download and access forums to review product.

TOLL will be charged based on what services you use. You can either link your wallet existing NEO wallet or create a new one all in the Extension.

We decided on using a Google Chrome Extension because of the prevalence of Google Chrome in our world. This allows a 1–2–3 click and standardization of a blockchain identity. Most of us have multiple machines and with Google Sign-In; your extensions come with you and now, so will your Bridge Passport.

For the future, this will be crucial when jumping from exchanges to retail with ease; while not maintaining 100 passwords! has the download link for the extension. If you’re interesting in using and being part of early adopter group, please click download now and request access using your email.
Bridge Passport Main Screen

The extension is your portal for the marketplace and services. We started with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) verification and compliance.

Our marketplace will allow you to shop providers based on TOLL cost/business need or use the Bridge Corporation to KYC/AML (which we hope you do). If businesses want to verify other claims, users just simply click on the “Partner” drop down and select. More to come there soon!

Partner selection example in Bridge Passport

Bridge heads to MainNet

The team has launched their Smart Contract to the NEO MainNet. This contract allows automation between the Bridge Protocol and the NEO Network. It handles payment services with TOLL, claims request and verification.

New Bridge Website and Branding Revision

We heard the community!

Part of growing any blockchain startup is defining the service model and go-to market strategies. We have revised our website with new colors, images and a better overview of our available services. We streamlined our blog to be 24/7 live from our channels. Instead of 100 different media platforms, everyone can come to the Bridge website and see everything at a glance.

Don’t miss product updates and regulation articles as they happen.

Roadmap Updates

Goals change and some surpassed; in our case we always aim to over-deliver and under-promise! We have updated our roadmap with some really exciting changes to make our product better for everyone.

Q4 has been met ahead of schedule, but Q1 and Q2 2019 excites us most! Bringing NEO together and standardizing services is key to utility and making this space mainstream.

Constellation Consortium Participation — Led by Tyler from Moonlight, Dean from NeoNewsToday and the Bridge Team…to name a few! This group aims to design NeoID for the community and Bridge is proud to bring our tech to further reaches. We are also constantly evaluating competition to bring down costs for services on the Network Partner side and are talking to some really great identity providers who want to join Bridge.

Our next focus will be cross-blockchain use. The user will select which blockchain they want to use their Passport with, 100% up to YOU! If your flavor is NEO, Ethereum, or EOS… we aim to serve.

Next, our mobile SDK is in the works. We want users to select their ID functions to share on an app for Android/IPhone. We also aim to allow users functionality with the Near-Field Communications Chip (NFC) in their physical card they can be issued.

Allowing on-the-go digital ID in the non-digital world… if that is how you roll!

Testing has started with other blockchains as well and goals for a BridgeChain are already in works.

The hard part is finding the winner in all of this.

Our team is constantly researching and testing new chains, but it is a race right now. We will keep up-to-date here to be always usable for new users, but goals to standardize blockchains are next for Bridge. This will allow us to use the newest technology in all aspects to increase throughput and manage permissions on the BridgeChain.

More to come with that very soon!

We have active communities on Telegram, Reddit, Twitter and Discord; watch these social media channels for the newest from our team!