Bridge Protocol Early Adopters Update

In the first weeks of our public testing, we have gained tremendous insight on how users interact with the Bridge Network!

These early adopters are true pioneers into a new way to complete an antiquated process! Users are paying their TOLL and crossing into the Blockchain!

If you haven't read about the release of our Chrome Extension, you can read those details HERE.

Become a Bridge Protocol Early Adopter

Please click HERE to request access to our private testing group.

Select “Apply for Membership” and then enter your display name for the group. You can also add a custom message to the team if you choose.

Choosing “Apply to join this group” completes the process.

Video Tutorial

We have created a video tutorial from start to finish of the Bridge Chrome Extension.

Here, you will be able to view the correct steps to successfully create a Bridge passport with a completed Verification Claim.

Our aim is to have a help guide readily available on our website in the near future and also added to the extension for easy access if users need it.

Users Inadvertently Closing Passport

Currently, users that neglect to save a .json file will have to begin their process all over again. It is imperative that you export your passport prior to unloading it from the extension.

Although this can be frustrating to some users, this works exactly by design.

When a user decides that they no longer want to maintain their current Passport or it becomes compromised; they can simply revoke their claims and create a new Passport.

Users in the future will be faced with a more impactful message, warning them of this irreversible decision.

Missing Settings Menu After Closing

Users that close their Passport and forget their passphrase are unable to load a new wallet file before unlocking.

Currently, the work around is to remove and reinstall the extension. This will allow users to resume their Passport process.

In the future, users will have access to these menu items in all screens.

Interrupting Claims Verification

While submitting a new claims verification and awaiting the claim to be submitted, Users have noticed their TOLL payment for the claim to become lost if they closed the extension, or clicked off of the extension onto another area of the screen.

For initial testers, we urge you to patiently allow the extension to process the verification claim to the blockchain.

We have active communities on Telegram, Reddit and Twitter; watch these social media channels for the newest from our team!