Bridge Protocol Open-Launch and Smart Contract Deployment

Since its inception, Bridge Protocol has focused on delivering a resource to the blockchain community that we truly believe in.

We are pleased to release some new information about our developments and the future of Bridge Protocol.

Constructing the Foundation of Bridge
During the early architectural development of Bridge Protocol, discussions were held on the future ability of community developers to integrate and utilize the platform.

With this focus, our engineering team explored integration with browser extensions that were already compatible with nearly 1 billion users browsers. Additional development resources were brought in to assist with this plan of action.

With their combined experience, the development team was able to rapidly deploy a working, testable infrastructure. This early testing allowed Bridge Protocol to work with advanced users; getting honest feedback to allow further refinement early into progress.

This feedback provided immense insight and focus moving forward.

Construction of Supports
Critical to long-term success and industry adoption; major developments in dApp (decentralized application) containerization and off-chain processing of Digital Identities took place.

Bridge is one of the first Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) providers to utilize this ingenious approach. This major development of containerizing off-chain resources allowed for multiple critical functions of our platform to operate independently and efficiently. Bridge Protocol also has the ability to scale dynamically based on network load and demand.

The rapid and dynamic scaling of the infrastructure reduces costs for Bridge Protocol; and in symbiosis, reduces costs to the users and the institution.

In addition, containerization of network resources allows for the seamless integration of client demands; again, reducing costs of KYC (Know-Your-Customer) / AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) compliance.

We believe that the primary driving force of public and business adoption is cost.

Crossing the Final Mile
In November of 2018, our team released the first public beta of the Bridge Passport. Our tool, the Bridge Passport (beta), received approval from the Google Chrome Web Store; making it easy for real world, consumer experience testing.

The totality of these developments has opened the user’s ability to control their digital identity; with the luxury of accessing and distributing it at their necessity. The Bridge Passport Extension is available for popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Opera.

With this initial architecture built, we are ready to share it for the benefit of the community.

A Community Built Bridge
Open source development will allow Bridge to work with the community for further expansion and adoption.

A vast and engaged community of developers is a collective mind.

The connected world offers tools that allow for ideas and information flow freely across projects, social media and most often for a developer; GitHub.

To utilize the power of this collective knowledge, Bridge Protocol will be offering our source code for open discussion on GitHub. Bridge Engineers, while continuing in-house development, will be available to support the communities independent work and oversee any changes.

Open Source is a critical step for a blockchain project to gain independent trust; outside the marketing pitches, press-releases and industry hype. Allowing experienced developers to certify and verify integrity and reliability of the platform.

To support these efforts, Bridge Protocol will allow access to our API for unified integration. Network status and claims verification can easily be validated on our Block Explorer. This increased transparency can only garner further trust and support, all while making it simple for business integration.

Welcoming All Developers!
With the open-sourcing of Bridge Protocol, we would like to welcome all community developers to join our GitHub. Engineers will be available to answer questions, address your commits and support you in your exploration of Bridge Protocol.

To further support this next evolution of Bridge Protocol, a new token has been issued for use on the network.

New Smart Contract Deployment — BRDG Token

The BRDG Smart Contract and accompanying utility token is fully NEP-8 compliant. The token is built off fully tested NEP-5/NEP5.1 standards. This new Smart Contract offers additional security and streamlined execution.

BRDG Script Hash: 0xbac0d143a547dc66a1d6a2b7d66b06de42614971

BRDG token was reissued on March 15, 2019 to the community via an airdrop at a rate of 1:1.

Total supply for BRDG is now 450,000,000 tokens.

Team issued a total of 221,903,960 BRDG tokens

Reducing the company supply by over 50%.

TOLL had a total supply of 708,097,040 tokens.

In the aim of further decentralization, the BRDG token now lets the community be in control.

Airdrop Specifics
Facilitating these token drops can be quite complex. However, our engineering team has devised a way to make this process seamless.

No individual action was required to receive your new tokens.

Ideally, users should always store their tokens in a verified and secure wallet.

The token source code was sent to HitBTC Exchange, Switcheo DEX and Aphelion DEX to support our transition to the upgraded token for all holders.

A snapshot of the blockchain occurred on 03/15/2019 at 1600HRS UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

If your tokens remained on a centralized exchange after the halt date, they will be distributed by the exchange. This additional process may cause a delay in accessibility or use.

Please note, Switcheo DEX will announce when trading will resume. TOLL will be removed and BRDG will be added at the time of their upcoming system upgrade.

Bridge will continue to work closely with the relevant wallet applications, news listings and information services to update the token information and circulation as quickly as possible.

We have active communities on Twitter, Reddit and Telegram; watch these social media channels for the newest from our team!