Community Announcement — Token Transition Event

Displayed on our roadmap is the goal “Bridge Protocol LIVE for public use” in Q1 2019. In preparation for this event, we will be issuing a newly upgraded token (BRDG) to replace the current Bridge utility token, TOLL. This news was revealed during NeoDevCon on February 17th, 2019 by our team.

We have contacted the HitBTC Exchange, Switcheo DEX and Aphelion DEX in regards to this event. The new smart contract source codes were provided to support our transition to the upgraded token for all holders.

It is imperative that you halt all trading on Friday March 15, 2019 by 1600HRS UTC

Our blockchain engineers will conduct a snapshot of the block at 1600HRS UTC and complete a 1:1 airdrop requiring no community action to receive the new BRDG token.

All NEO supported wallets will reflect the new token as well.

BRDG Script Hash: 0xbac0d143a547dc66a1d6a2b7d66b06de42614971

Please note, Switcheo DEX will announce when trading will resume after the token swap is completed. Switcheo will remove TOLL and BRDG will be added at the time of their upcoming upgrade.

Once your new BRDG tokens have cleared their block, they will be freely available for use and transfer. Upon completion of this event, we will be able to proceed forward with the Bridge Open Launch; a milestone that we have been eagerly awaiting. We thank you for joining us during this exciting time of our development!

We have active communities on Twitter, Reddit and Telegram; watch these social media channels for the newest from our team!