Wait… Bridge offers more than just KYC/AML services?

With a lot of new product updates and information lately, one of the most unique things that could have been missed is our “Marketplace” and what this actually means to all kinds of use-cases.

Designed around a friendly and scalable developer stack, Bridge has the capabilities to verify-then-certify all kinds of data to the blockchain. Whether it be for supply chain, identity, finance, etc.

Our extension is operating Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) compliance checks. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sets all kinds of machining and manufacturing compliance standards and these criteria can be now verified and certified on the blockchain.

Bridge Protocol is built for diverse business applications. A company that wants to check expiration dates as they come through a supply chain to be admitted or denied, can all be done through Bridge.

Immutability allows records to be fixed and tampering for high-end designer goods to be authenticated without a doubt. Our Extension and Network Explorer makes it simple for the end-user to use, while our core is light and usable for enterprise. Our focus was to make all kinds of checking and verifying simpler to use. This means that a business would no longer have to “fork” or deploy their own chain to use a blockchain that is fast enough for their needs.

Fueled by TOLL

We are more than identity. Fueled by TOLL, the network will be able to process and post records to the NEO blockchain; all wrapped up in an easy to use Chrome Extension.

Ethereum has Ether as the Gas — Bridge has TOLL

The model we are structuring around is charging a fixed amount of TOLL based on anticipated needs of the network on a monthly scale.

Business Integration

Network Partner integration API: https://api.bridgeprotocol.io/swagger/#/

One of the biggest value-added services to businesses are the time savings from developing and hiring blockchain engineers to explore this new technology. We are being approached regularly from traditional enterprises that want us to look at their tech stack to see where blockchain can be applied.

We now have the best software to offer them for their verification needs. This will allow them to dip their toes into public ledger tracking and immutable records.

Real world applications of blockchain with simpler to use tools; this is how we garnish adoption.

Based on whatever records and data that needs to be verified, we can offer those functionalities. If your business or service is looking for verification services on the blockchain, we aim to serve you!

We have active communities on Telegram, Reddit and Twitter; watch these social media channels for the newest from our team!