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Bridging Edges

SDG Projects and Startups finding it hard and scaleup with VC money.

We identified another pain-point involving startups focusing on SDG’s or social good and not being investment ready for bigger size VCs or traditional investors, which seems to be a challenge.

Daniela Kandel who is a Consultant at Dessa Consulting explains:

Impact investment is not new, and a lot of their methodologies and work could be leveraged into the VC and innovation space to better assess the risks and ROIs, including climate solutions.

Amra Naido co-founder of Accelerating Asia explains:

Having businesses that do good is commendable, but at the same time scaling their impact, and having a venture hackable business seems to be a challenge for many companies.

Elizabeth “Rice” Raisa Chief Empath Officer at TEGAR Foundation explains:

My project is more focused on the people side and SDGs, and many commercial-driven VCs would ask, where is your ROI? Making it challenging coming from a public health perspective, and don't see a commercial value just yet.




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