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Mar 9, 2014 · 6 min read
  1. The hiring manager
  2. The technical potential coworker

The Recruiter

Every day I see tweets around how recruiters do it wrong. It’s almost like as an industry we hate recruiters. Yet other industries rely on recruiting to find and obtain advancement. Friends in different industries describe recruiting as a key factor in growing careers.

The Hiring Manager

With a hiring manager there are no absolutes. In general they screen resumes and act as a second gatekeeper, usually focused on cultural fit.

The Technical Coworker

In our discussion, I realized that we all read resumes differently. Some people read up to a certain point and then ask questions. Some people scan for relevant skills and read positions that highlight those skills.


After examining our roles, it becomes more clear how ordering may benefit us.

  1. Focus on the job + experience at the top.


Why are we even talking about resumes in the first place though? What about LinkedIn?


The resume we were examining was three pages long. My initial reaction was too long, but others expressed that this was a good length. What about the 1 pager? Doesn’t this contradict with the “when do they stop reading?”

General Formatting

Review tenses. Your resume should have consistent past tense use. Even for the job you are currently doing! Think of it as if you get the job you want, it will be in the past.

Bridging the Gaps

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    Bridging the Gaps

    collection of essays on communication in Technology