Meet Jared

The Brief blog is now officially on Medium, so we’re porting the stories from there to here. Enjoy…

Jared Ranere is CEO and Co-Founder of Brief. As a freelance theater director and producer coming out of the University of Chicago, Jared learned the hard way how important and difficult it is to stay top of mind. The only gigs he got came through people he knew, and they were really great gigs. But, as soon as he got too focused on them, he’d fall off the radar and the offers would dry up.

After a few years of the freelance roller coaster, Jared fell into a day job (again through a connection) at, a tiny start-up in a brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It turned out that an internet start-up has a lot in common with theatrical production — it’s a small group of people without enough money who are attempting to do something great without enough time, but the show must go on. However, there were two key differences:

  1. On the internet, the curtain never goes down until it goes down forever.
  2. The internet audience is a bit bigger.

At, Jared did Business Development and Partner Management, learning how to put structure around relationship management when it’s the #1 focus of your full-time job. After 4 years of fun and hard work, AOL bought to work on Patch, where Jared ran Consumer Product.

Every day, Jared wakes up wondering how he can take his lessons from doing BD and package them into fast actions for creative freelancers and solopreneurs who have to sell themselves but don’t have the time or inclination to spend all day doing it.

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