Saying Yes, Brief Interviews — Sarah-Doe Osborne

At Brief, we often talk about how staying top of mind in a broad network brings opportunity. But, how do you channel those opportunities towards the right career? How do you choose the “right” career after all? And, should you choose just one?

Actor, writer, yogie, and bed and breakfast manager Sarah-Doe Osborne confronts these questions in the latest Brief Interview.

“I tend to say yes to things,” Sarah-Doe admitted, “My career as a yoga and meditation instructor came serendipitously, from connections I developed as an actor.” When an actor-friend’s wife asked Sarah-Doe to teach meditation and yoga at her law firm, a business was born: Clear Mind.

Sarah-Doe seized the moment and launched Clear Mind to provide meditation and yoga classes to companies in need of greater focus and stress relief. She has even expanded the enterprise to offer retreats in the Catskills.

This new endeavor added a couple whiteboards to Sarah-Doe’s project wall, which now displays 5 whiteboards for 5 totally separate pursuits. Every day is a diverse set of adventures, making breakfast for New York City tourists at The Canal Park Inn, teaching lawyers to be mindful, and then scampering off to a rehearsal.

It’s a lot to take on at once, and she wonders if it’s time to commit and go “narrow and deep” into one field. Should she say “no” sometimes?

Watch the video to find out how Sarah-Doe has arrived at this point, what she plans to do, and to see her guffaw when I ask, “Why do you have a problem committing?”