Brief Book Review: Animal Farm

With Orwell tumbling back into the common lexicon in recent months due to certain world events, I thought I would take a look at one of Orwell’s lesser well-known works. Animal Farm’s expired copyright and novella-length makes it highly accessible, and has never been more relevant.

If you’re unfamiliar with Animal Farm, it follows a group of farm animals as they come to terms with their subjugation at the hands of an incompetent farm owner, and choose to revolt. Animal Farm follows this band of four-legged creatures as they grapple with their new-found freedom and attempt to build a perfect utopia.

Orwell’s use of farm animals to visualise complex political concepts offers the distance required to observe the events enfolding on the page without judgement or prejudice towards one particular character. It’s a work of genius, and in many ways an infuriating read. Infuriating in part because of a feeling of inevitability. Give it a read.