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Automatic Highlighting in Tweets: launch notes for July

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So we’re just a few weeks out of the gate and we’re having a good ride already. Thanks to everyone that has given Briefly a spin and for the useful feedback. Our initial metrics look strong and it’s clear that folks are finding Briefly easier to understand and stickier than PLOW. So far, so good!

A shout out to Sergey Ioffe, who hunted us into Product Hunt last week. Our private beta is a bit less private now!

With the initial launch behind us, we want to direct our attention to product refinement. Specifically, we want to drill into content discovery, highlighting, and sharing, and make these steps as easy and useful as we possibly can.

Please join us on our forum to help us work through potential improvements. This is your product and we want it to feel like second nature for you.

We also want to get our fancy new stickers out in the world. Answer a few product related questions, and we’ll send them your way.

Now, for some release highlights as we roll into July:

Coming up next:

We’re exploring a feature that allows you to vote on someone else’s highlight summary. We’re also exploring techniques to improve the sentences coming through from our content sources.

See you in Briefly!

Colin and Patrick



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