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Pick the right anchor from Twitter

For the those of you using the @reply feature from Twitter, you may have noticed that your posts have been receiving the ‘From Twitter’ anchor.

When we first launched our ‘@briefly_tldr highlight this’ feature, we were still running on a one to many posts to anchor system. We added the ‘From_Twitter’ anchor to these posts for organizational purposes, and this was no problem, because you could add as many topical anchors as you wanted to the post. Now that posts can only have one anchor in Briefly, the ‘From Twitter’ anchor is taking the place of your topical anchor, and this can be a bit frustrating.

To solve this, we’ve built a simple repost interface that you may encounter as you click through on the highlight link from Twitter.

The sequence goes like this:

twitter to briefly flow
  1. See a tweet with an interesting link on Twitter
  2. Pull in Briefly with an @reply (@briefly_tldr highlight this)
  3. @briefly_tldr replies with a highlight link
  4. Click the highlight link and come to Briefly
  5. Briefly will try to infer the right topical anchor, but if it can’t infer a good one, you’ll arrive at a page with a prompt to ‘repost to a more suitable anchor.’
new repost feature

The new repost tool should help you get the post to the right place, in front of the right people.

Hoping this feature is useful for folks. As always, we welcome your feedback on Twitter or the Forum.

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