The Porter Tour: Working with Devices

Rewinding from the big picture in Start Here, the very first step in working with Porter is selecting which Particle devices you want to use in Porter.

The Particle Cloud

After you’ve signed up for Porter, you’re immediately asked to connect your Particle Cloud account. This will allow you to view and control your devices using Porter.

Selecting Devices

After granting access, you’ll see a list of all of the devices connected to your Particle account, from which you’ll choose the devices you want to use.

However, there are limits to the number of devices Porter can work with at one time. If you reach your plan’s limit, you’ll need to either upgrade to get more slots, or deselect a device to make room for another.

If you choose to deselect a device, Porter will let you know that you’ll lose all of the data that Porter stores for this device.

Once you’ve selected your devices, click Done. If you want to return here to add or remove devices in Porter, just click the Devices chevron and choose Select.

Organizing Devices

Once you’ve selected your devices, you can arrange and organize them into groups.

To start, click the Devices chevron and then Organize. Next, click Add Group, give it a name, and click Create. Then, just drag devices into the group. Devices that haven’t been added to a group are left in a group named “Ungrouped.”

You can even change the order of devices and groups by dragging their handles.

When you’re happy with your device organization, click Done, close the Devices chevron, and the Devices pane will return to control mode.

That’s all there is to selecting and organizing devices. Want to learn more? Keep exploring back at the Porter Tour Overview.