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In this article I want to explain what is the Bright Gallery Collection and why you should join our community.

Bright Gallery #0001

The Project

Bright Gallery Collection is not only an art collection but an art community.

We think that the power of internet is the possibility to connect people with the same interest around the world.

With Bright Gallery Collection we give you the chance to show that you are really part of the community because you own part of it thanks to NFT technology.

You can be part of our community on Twitter

Another channel we use is a facebook group “Chiara Magni Art — Chat Group”

Chiara talk about art and chat with her fans, make video Q&A.

We know that a Facebook Group is old-style but don’t worry, new channel will be announced in the future.

Chiara Magni — Professional Painter from Italy

Advantages for The Members

A real community need to have some sort of advantages for the members so we’re creating something exclusively for Bright Gallery NFTs owners.

When we reach 10 owners we’ll start to send airdrops every 2 months. This airdrop are going to be limited NFTs not available elsewhere. We will drop on Opensea on Polygon network.

The drops are going to be new paints from Chiara Magni, we are not going to sell those paint on any other market or blockchain but you can resell on Opensea if you want or keep it as a collector.

All the owners of framed NFTs (if you continue to read you’ll discover what is a framed NFT) are going to receive an original signed print of the NFT they own. (This is applicable only to the first owner that claim the print)

We are looking for new ways to give back to our community, if you have any idea just write us on twitter.

The Team

Bright Gallery team is not anonymous, we want to make clear this because for us is important.

Chiara Magni is the artist of the team, all the paintings are made by her, all the colors of any variant are personally selected. Everything in the collection is highly aesthetic thanks to her.

Her paintings are collected worldwide and press around the world talk about her, even important magazine like Vogue.

Chiara Magni art featured on Vogue.

Marco Modonesi is a marketer, NFT collector, crypto enthusiast that love art and want to spread fine art in the crypto-verse. He is the technical side of Bright Gallery.

The Collection

  • Network: Ethereum
  • Marketplace: Opensea
  • Website:
  • Total supply: 9999 NFTs
  • New drops everyday until we reach total supply
  • Traits: 4 different traits
Bright Gallery #0040 — Title: Fierce Carp — Wall: Blue Lagoon — Shadow: Right

The first of this traits is the name of the paint that we call “Title”.

Every NFT is not “AI created” but Chiara Magni is selecting the best paint for the background trait that we call “wall” so you will always have a paint with a background that fits the colors in it.

Some wall color will have more paint that fits and some color less so we have different rarity of wall trait.

Some paint will fits more color background and some less so this makes rarity for the trait “Title”.

Bright Gallery #0053 — Shadowless

Another trait is “Shadow”. An NFT can have a “shadow” version and a “shadowless” version. Shadowless version are rarer.

The last trait is frame, very few NFT will be framed so this trait is the rarest and expensive of all.

Bright Gallery #0018 — A shadowless framed NFT


  • 100 NFT released — September 2021
  • 1000 NFT released — December 2021
  • 9999 NFT released — December 2022
  • New wall colors every 100 NFTs
  • New shadow style after 500 NFTs
  • First airdrop when we reach 10 owners
  • Twitter giveaways
  • Telegram or Diskord group
  • Collaboration with famous influencers
  • First Bright Gallery physical showcase

This is our roadmap with the purpose to reach this goals:

  • 0.1 eth floor price
  • 1 eth floor price
  • 10 owners
  • 1000 owners
  • 5000 owners
  • 1000 twitter followers on Bright Gallery profile
  • 10k twitter followers
  • 50k twitter followers
  • 50k instagram follower on Chiara Magni profile — DONE!
  • 100k instagram followers

Final Thoughts

The road is long but we believe in the project and if you as a collector can trust in us we will continue until we reach the moon.



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Chiara Magni Website:

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