How BrightGuide Can Help

At BrightGuide, our primary purpose is to make the lives of the care partner and recipient easier. In our view these two individuals are fundamentally linked forming a duo, a mutually linked pair. What affects one will affect the emotional and physical health of the other over time. The important part of these stories is that the care partner’s health declines in tandem with the care recipient. As the care giving tasks become more demanding, the care partner often becomes progressively more stressed and unable to effectively engage in their own life activities. The care recipient’s declining health necessitates more and more direct involvement, which leads to more pressure on the care partner. Eventually the duo ceases to function when the care partner experiences “caregiver burnout”, and long term care options become necessary.

However, in the early stages of living with dementia, we believe we can make a significant improvement to quality of life with BrightGuide. For the care partner, our product saves time and energy by substituting the usual pattern of repeated instructions and direct assistance with contextually rich video instructions. For the care recipient, we increase their independence and their sense of dignity and accomplishment by allowing them to be active participants in their own care. By enhancing the experience of both halves of the duo in this way, we reduce mental and physical strain, allowing for improved well being.

Until a permanent cure for dementia is found, the best thing to do is to provide tools to support these duos and allow them to live at home in a dignified and caring environment. Available tools fall consist of reactive tracking mechanisms that only allow for the care partner to intervene after an incident. See below for a video of how our proactive solution can help on a daily and planned basis: