BrightDAO is Here!

A community for decentralized proof-of-uniqueness

C. Adam Stallard


We’ve grown. At 30,000 sponsored users, we need to imagine more clearly how a decentralized proof of unique human system can manage itself.

We need to imagine our movement as a collection of teams self-organizing and rallying to contribute: verification helpers, anti-sybil researchers, user-experience experts, and many more.

A DAO powered by 1Hive Gardens and Aragon technologies is the best structure to achieve this.

$BRIGHT is the token that makes BrightDAO work.

A fairdrop and ongoing fair distribution mechanisms (think BrightID-enabled faucets) are the best ways to allocate $BRIGHT. (A “fairdrop” simply means some or all rewards are given per person instead of per address.)

We’ve written several guides to help explain $BRIGHT, BrightDAO, and the BrightID-enabled fairdrop process.

Launch Party / AMA

Still have questions?

Today at 11:00 a.m. Pacific, CurlyBracketEffect of RabbitHole and DAOnToEarth podcast fame will be our MC to introduce us to the wonders of BrightDAO and $BRIGHT.

Join us on our discord stage for this epic gathering.
* BrightID discord