BDF19 Grassroots Awards Open Call

Need some funding to get your BDF19 event off the ground? Five Grassroots Awards of up to £1000 are now available

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Platform B Mobile Broadcast, Grassroots Award Winner 2018 · Photo: CCZH Photography

Outstanding community-driven activity is at the heart of the Brighton Digital Festival. That’s why, for the seventh year running, we’re looking to support a handful of event organisers through our Grassroots Awards.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s awards are being sponsored by Brandwatch and supported by Arts Council England.

This year’s Brighton Digital Festival runs from 12th - 25th October and five awards of up to £1000 are available for events that would be unlikely to take place without financial support. As always, we particularly welcome submissions from independent organisers that are community focused and
engage groups who are typically underrepresented in the festival.

When submitting your proposal, please consider the BDF manifesto, which outlines our ethos.

We are open to applications for any kind of activity, as long as it follows the guidance laid out here:

To apply, please email a short description of your proposed event identifying the following:

Your visionWhat is your event? Why do you want to do it?
Your planWhat do you need to do to make it happen? When will this occur? What have you done already?
Your audienceWho is it for? How many people is it for? How will you market your event?
Your budget What are your costs? What will this money pay for? What other sources of income do you have? (Please say whether these are expected or confirmed)

Proposals should be no more than two pages of A4 text and include relevant images and links.

NB We cannot continue to fund events that have received Grassroots funding before — if you have received funding from us in previous years, we will need to see a significant development in your activity. We are unlikely to support events that are looking to ‘top up’ funding received from other sources.

Deadline for proposals is Monday 9th September 2019 at 12 noon.

Please send all proposals to

The successful submissions will be selected by:
Katja Garood — Chief Design Officer, Brandwatch
Laurence Hill — Director of Brighton Digital Festival
Alli Beddoes — Artistic Director & CEO of Lighthouse

Successful applicants will be notified on Wednesday 11th September. For capacity reasons, we are unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful submissions.

Last year’s Grassroots Awarded Projects included a trans literary salon, a mini content conference, an immersive installation at The Spire, a mobile broadcast from Platform B and some tiny discos!

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Juno Dawson’s Lovely Trans Literary Salon, Grassroots Award Winner 2018 · Photo: The Marlborough Theatre
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Curio Conference, Grassroots Award Winner 2018 · Photo: Lauren Pope and Louise Whitfield
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Thomas Buckley’s Come Inside It’s Raining installation, Grassroots Award Winner 2018 · Photo: Jo Thorne
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Platform B Mobile Broadcast, Grassroots Award Winner 2018 · Photo: CCZH Photography
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Tiny Disco, Grassroots Award Winner 2018 · Photo: Gareth James

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