Five reasons you should attend The Messy Edge

Now in its third year, Brighton Digital Festival’s in-house conference returns to ACCA for another feast of thinking on digital culture

Festival Director Laurence Hill with Wes Goatley and Nye Thompson · The Messy Edge BDF18

The Messy Edge is BDF’s in-house conference, which presents different perspectives on digital technology and culture by inviting artists, activists and academics to share their work and their thinking. Critically, we programme a diverse range of speakers, so the perspectives presented come from a different place to the usual digital technology and culture conferences.

Five reasons you should attend the Messy Edge

  1. Exposure to different ways of thinking about and seeing the world of digital
    We’ve all become increasingly aware of the failures in product design, AI and facial recognition that largely arise because of a lack of diversity in tech companies. Attending The Messy Edge will help you better understand the perspectives of those whose voices are often marginalised in the debate, which will, in turn, help you to do your work better.
  2. Exposure to critical thinking
    The house position at The Messy Edge is one of critical optimism — we believe in the power of digital to do good things but we all have to be thoughtful and critical about where innovation and products come from, the motivations behind it and the audience it’s made for.
  3. The edge will become the middle
    If The Messy Edge looks at work and thinking that is at the edge, you can be sure that the thinking you will be exposed to will become mainstream in the years to come.
  4. Cost
    It’s low cost for a digital conference and with this code FRIEND15 tickets will be £15, lunch included! Get your tickets here
  5. (And last but not least) Our Speakers
    Have you seen this year’s line-up? Check out all our wonderful speakers here
Irene Fubara-Manuel · The Messy Edge 2018

Take a peek at last year’s conference in this short film:

The Messy Edge 2019
Friday 18th October · 10am — 5.30pm
Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts

Book tickets here

Brighton Digital Festival

News, information and updates from Brighton Digital Festival

Brighton Digital Festival

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An annual open programme of events exploring digital culture that takes place in venues across the City. 12 October — 25 October 2019. #BDF19

Brighton Digital Festival

News, information and updates from Brighton Digital Festival

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