Grassroots Award Opens for Submissions

Need some extra funding to get your BDF18 event off the ground? Awards of up to £1000 available.

Abira Hussein, a BDF17 Grassroots Awardee for her ‘Healing Through Archives: Coming Home’ event

Brighton Digital Festival strives to be a vehicle for social change, connecting people from communities across the city with opportunities for expressing their creativity, for exploration of digital culture and understanding how digital culture is shaping their future.

That’s why, for the sixth year running, we’re looking to support a handful of event organisers through our Grassroots Award — this year sponsored by the city’s biggest tech employer, Brandwatch.

We have four awards of up to £1,000 each on offer to event proposals for BDF18. When submitting your proposal, please consider the BDF manifesto, which outlines our ethos.

Brandwatch, as a social media intelligence company, are interested in submissions with a data angle, although this shouldn’t be considered a prerequisite. BDF and Brandwatch are open to applications for any kind of activity, as long as it follows the guidance laid out here.

Last year’s awarded projects included a youth-led games night, a series of workshops for teenagers and their parents on online behaviour and safety, a pop up exhibition in a Brighton supermarket and a VR research project which explored making museum artefacts real. We particularly welcome submissions from independent organisers for events that would be unlikely to take place without financial support.

To apply, please email a short description of your proposed event identifying the following:

Your visionWhat is your event? Why do you want to do it?
Your planWhat do you need to do to make it happen? When will this occur? What have you done already?
Your audienceWho is it for? How many people is it for? How will you market your event?
Your budgetWhat are your costs? What will this money pay for?

Proposals should be no more than one page of A4 text and include relevant images and links.

NB We cannot continue to fund events that have received Grassroots funding before — if you have received funding from us in previous years we will need to see a significant development in your activity.

Deadline for proposals is Friday 27 July 2018 at 12 noon.

Send your proposal to:

For further information and guidelines about the Grassroots Award, please see here.

Brighton Digital Festival

Brighton Digital Festival

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