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Katherine Ewen
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4 min readJul 20, 2021


An Interview with Angela Fumpson

Angela is a professional business mentor working in Bristol with a background in engineering and process design which she brings into the mentoring. She works as part of the team in BrightSky, leading in Process. In recent years she has been developing her Angelic Reiki and Guidance work which she is now integrating into her business.

Beth Combes interviewed her recently on her connection with BrightSky and how she finds it beneficial to her life.

What matters to you most, Angela?

What matters to me most is my family and supporting them through this challenging time with my business successes. I love the journey, and the business has transformed alongside me. It is exciting finding my soul’s purpose, trusting the universe and going with the flow.

How has this time changed who you are and how you work?

I’ve completely changed my focus — from feeling like I run four different businesses to feeling like I run one that takes people on a journey. It’s been a transformative time of being me authentically by integrating the healing guidance of my angelic Reiki work into the business. The business expertise and the healing knowledge have been coming together into one offering, so the people I work with are growing their business and growing spiritually. This feels more true to who I am.

My main transformation is just being who I am, in every area. I don’t believe that we can grow our business unless we grow personally with it.

What challenges have helped you to grow in the last six months or the last year?

Family challenges have helped me shape who I am. I believe that everything we’re given, every curveball we get, is for a reason, so we have to stay in that gratitude space. Every challenge the youngsters are dealing with, in all honesty, has hit them hard during this time. The challenges my family has faced have made me go through an experiential healing process, and mirrored what I needed to process. So yeah, without going into too much detail, the challenges of others have helped me reflect on what I need to look at and process within myself.

What brought you into BrightSky?

Because of my passion for tigers and the natural world, I was introduced to the community and Bart. The language between us felt so common. And there was one phrase I particularly remember…

That we do our best work sometimes when we’re not being paid. I’ve never heard anyone else with the same salt, about, you know, the way we serve. It was really emotional for me. There was a real connection.

So, what do you feel it was about BrightSky that was right for you?

Firstly, it was the ethos and the values of BrightSky and the energy it brings. You can’t understand or see BrightSky fully until you experience it. There’s a different energy in the room. I think what drew me to BrightSky was the common values, the emotional connection with Bart and also, what we were all trying to do. So it’s a common purpose and the intention of everybody. It seems like everyone is in alignment.

If I were to describe my experience in three words, it’d be… space, safe space, and unified thought.

Why is being a part of BrightSky important to you?

I’m part of the team and the reason I am and why I give so much in that respect is because I want to see it succeed. I think it’s an amazing vision. Everyone that works within BrightSky is on a journey. It’s the support and the discussions and ideas that just germinate from this kind of gathering. It’s incredible where the conversations go. I see so many people doing so many amazing things, and I also want to help those extraordinary people succeed, as well as support BrightSky’s vision.

What are your hopes for the future?

I’m very connected to wildlife and wild cats. It breaks my heart every time a creature becomes extinct, something disappears. Without the planet and the forest, there would be no tigers. We need to nurture and protect what we are using up at quite a rate at the moment. For me, for my business, I’m going climate positive. I’m on a mission to connect and transform more personally with what my soul’s purpose is. I just want to ensure that I’m channelling and delivering the messages that need to be delivered. And I have no idea what all of those are yet, so that’s my hope — that I can do that, connect deeper, and can make a bigger impact.

Yeah, whatever that may be, whatever my journey is supposed to be. So who knows?

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