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There are many projects bubbling in BrightSky… here are some updates from the ones that are already flying!

BrightSky Productions

This community represents a new paradigm for working and living. Dissolving old ideas of competition and scarcity, BrightSky shows us what is possible when we work together, in collaboration and support and from the heart. There is enough for everyone. When we understand the needs of the individual as well as the collective, we can truly step forward and present ourselves, our gifts and our needs to the whole.

This is the focus and drive behind BrightSky Productions. The momentum and inspiration is coming from the community itself. We are asking the questions: ‘What do you need?’, ‘What would benefit your livelihood?’ and ‘How is this information best absorbed?’ etc. This allows us to put the practitioners and members of the community in the driving seat of e-Course creation. We are currently working on ‘Wealth consciousness’ and ‘Vocal discovery’ e-courses.

This is what excites me most about BrightSky — it’s a ‘true’ community. The only way we will learn what we need to grow is by asking the right questions, learning about each other and communicating in a way that requires honesty and courage. There is so much wisdom in our world, and now we have the means and ability to share it.

We have all been individually walking our path for some time now, gaining wisdom and insight, facilitating our own awakening and evolution. Now is the time to bring this collective wisdom together and share it in a structured, sensible and efficient way so that more and more people can benefit from this work.
This is my personal dream for BrightSky; a true community that can bring wisdom and understanding, in the form of health, healing and growth to an ever expanding group of people. Through collaboration and co-operation the old paradigm of ‘the individual’ will transform into a new paradigm of ‘the collective’.
Nick — BrightSky Productions

Fellowship of the trees — Marquerite

I am blessed and honoured to be a Founding Partner for BrightSky, which carries a vision that I feel so aligned with and am excited to be a part of. I have been on the path as an energy healer since 2012, and have also worked within social care for many years, including working with people experiencing addiction, trauma, homelessness and mental health issues. I have previously enjoyed being pro-active in environmental activism, for Greenpeace, rainforest reforestation and more recently with Extinction Rebellion. I feel at home being part of the collective of revolutionary heart-centred practitioners and change-makers that is BrightSky. The Founding Partners include incredible and inspiring individuals with great experience and integrity. It is so apparent to me that when we are part of a community, we find our strength, our power and our courage with this kind of support around us. I feel BrightSky provides a beautiful example of this model, and being part of this expanding network can only mean that my dreams will be nurtured and flourish.

Part of the BrightSky vision is to inspire a rising of Earth Protectors, ensuring that we can work together to protect and heal our natural world by the changes we can make in our own lives and within our communities. I feel privileged that one of the amazing opportunities afforded to me as a BrightSky Founding Partner is that a project that I am working with has now found support and sponsorship. BrightSky channels 50% of profits to community projects, meaning that members are able bring forth their ideas and manifest their dreams for a better world with the help of this community.

I have been personally deeply affected by the awareness of the critical and uncertain times we live in, in which our Mother Earth is suffering as a result of the relentless capitalist system we are a part of. The lust for economic growth and unwavering greed of corporations has led to an ecological crisis of an unprecedented nature. I have been active and taken part in the Extinction Rebellion movement and am aware that ecologists and scientists have said we are facing a climate emergency. This has inspired a group of us to develop a beautiful project known as ‘The Fellowship of the Trees’ which is aimed at planting trees and bringing together communities. The project is made up of environmental and sacred activists, and each plantation will be bespoke to promote natural habitats and to support the land and biodiversity. Each tree planting will contain a blessing and a prayer for the Earth. We want each tree to grow holding that prayer and blessing that it be there for our future generations — that our natural world will be healed and restored for all beings. The BrightSky Community is providing the nourishment for this seed to grow, and now what has unfolded is a beautiful collaboration which means the Fellowship and BrightSky stand together to make this prayer for the Earth. The tree planting events will also be an opportunity for people from all walks of life to join together in service, celebration and community.

We are aiming to plant four new woodlands as our first mission over the Winter Solstice — this will also be part of BrightSky’s launch into the world. We have secured site locations in the North, South, West and East of the UK. We will come together to plant these woodlands in the spirit of positive change for the Earth and ourselves. We hope that alongside the act of planting, BrightSky members will also be able to bring their gifts of healing, music and inspiration to each of these events, to touch the hearts and lives of all who attend.

My dream for BrightSky is that it will truly take flight on the wings of the Eagle, joining together more souls that carry with them the solution and medicine to these difficult times on Earth. It is my prayer that through the joining of more members, we can all find our voices, our gifts and talents and be held in safety within this web of love and opportunity. I feel confident that the benefits I will receive will mean that I will be able to develop my passion and skills for healing and working therapeutically with others. I know that with the help of BrightSky, we can continue this really positive work to plant trees for planetary change. BrightSky has provided me with reassurance that when one makes a prayer from the heart and aligned with the highest good of others, all the abundance and support needed will be there. With my hopes and wishes for a better world based on compassion and respect for the planet, I look up to the sky and I see it so very bright!

Earth Star — Dan and Rougan

We are Dan and Rougan Collins. For many years we have studied herbalism, holistic therapies, vegan catering and massage, with the intention of delivering alternative methods to utilise for health and well-being. In 2018, we decided to turn our company ‘Earth Star’ into a charitable cause focusing on providing for the homeless whilst planting abundant much-needed trees in Sherwood Forest. Having both experienced homelessness as teenagers, we are each familiar with the harsh challenges of such a life, while simultaneously being aware of the ecological challenges faced by our planet. In November of last year, the charity Shelter stated that there were about 320,000 homeless people in the UK. More troubling still, this figure was said to be an underestimate. That is over a quarter of a million people without a permanent home and most likely hungry, in a state of ill health and sleeping in unsanitary conditions in exposed and unsafe areas of our towns and cities. You don’t have to be involved in a homelessness charity to deduce that a crisis has presented itself to a vast amount of people in the UK, which means it has presented itself to all of us.

We wish to turn Earth Star into a company which supports and safeguards the vulnerable of our country using methods coinciding with ecologically friendly and sustainable living, therefore minimising the impact we have on the environment and turning lives around for those of us living in miserable conditions. We envision the implementation of mobile shelters in cities as ad-hoc support for those in need; the transformation of derelict buildings into well-being centres offering food, shelter and support staffed by professionals in healthcare, offering showers, haircuts and a place to sleep. Eventually, we will plant as many trees as possible in Sherwood Forest and buy land to expand our goals by placing a holistic centre offering yoga, environmental workshops, organic food and drink, a woodland graveyard and an environmental college aiming to educate people on sustainable and ecologically viable living. Our holistic centre would also be open as a retreat for all people, including those who have experienced homelessness to feel welcome and find healing.

We are excited to become Founding Partners of BrightSky community and to be a part of this lineage of really wonderful practitioners and visionaries. We are grateful that being part of BrightSky means that we will also benefit from the support, advocacy and guidance of other members, meaning that we now have more power behind our mission. We are also happy that this means that our community interest company will receive the backing and sponsorship it needs and we can put more of our energies into the work. BrightSky is aligned with our own values, and our desire to provide healing to vulnerable people and our homelands. Our dream for BrightSky is that it continues to bring a wave of positivity into people’s lives, and that it continues with its already astounding momentum. We see that BrightSky as a platform will improve the well-being and livelihoods of its members, so that they can facilitate this for those in need.

BrightSky Events

I am working with the team to set down strong foundations that will bring and inspire organic and heartfelt growth. From these foundations BrightSky will stretch its wings and fly; its an incredible feeling to be part of the team birthing this. I am also working on our launch events happening on the Winter Solstice…I won’t give too much away at this stage though my body is tingling all over with what is happening.
Jo — Director, Support and Events

Following on from the inspiration of Awakening the Wild, Keef and Joanne are currently exploring and dreaming ways to create more exciting Events for BrightSky . We have such a multi-talented community of musicians, artists, healers, practitioners, teachers, dancers, dream weavers and experienced professionals from the world of events, festivals and a vast range of community gatherings. In many ways we are spoilt for choice. The possibilities are endless and the potential is huge. We are imagining a whole range of offerings, from very local and niche gatherings to much larger and audacious happenings such as 10-day festivals and more.

Currently we are taking our time to dream, be in conversation and to continue to build relationships both within the BrightSky community and with all the communities we are connected with. It is clearly really viable to birth our own unique BrightSky offerings whilst also working in partnership with established organisations that share our values; such as putting people and planet before profit whilst truly valuing and honouring all who share their gifts, remembering our true nature as nature itself, recognising the need for and the healing power of community, creativity and collective initiatives.

We are currently gathering a strong team of heart warriors for both smaller local events and bigger and more elaborate happenings. If you feel the call to offer your gifts, ideas, insights please feel free to get in touch and lets dream big and find creative ways to practice love in action as we inspire one another to realise our potential and to honour the invocation of the Children’s Fire by considering how we gather together in ways that are ethically sound and bring nourishment in the NOW, whilst offering the possibility for radiant health, collective abundance, happiness fulfilment for at least the next 7 generations. Alone we are AMAZING. Together we are MAGNIFICENT.
Keef — Director, Funding, International and Events

BrightSky Community

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BrightSky Community

Our community and platform supports practitioners to make connections and build thriving livelihoods. This is our Medium Publication.

BrightSky Community

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BrightSky is coming. Our community and platform will support practitioners to make connections and build thriving livelihoods.

BrightSky Community

Our community and platform supports practitioners to make connections and build thriving livelihoods. This is our Medium Publication.