Celebrate and Support our Artists- for we need them now more than ever

It has been difficult to avoid the discussion created by one of the government’s latest advertising campaigns, but for those of you who haven’t seen it here it is with some interesting facts added in:

Fatima, the ballerina is being advised to retrain. All the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into becoming a pro athlete are, apparently, no longer viable in the current climate. Don’t get us wrong, at BrightSky we fully support growing and learning. Helping people find the path that truly expresses who they are is one of the reasons we exist, but we also support artists who want nothing more than to share their unique gifts with the world. And where would we all be without art? Very bored in Lockdown, most probably. Books, paintings, films, music are the escapism that has helped us through these strange times.

Ironically Fatima has become art in herself, the dancer who launched a thousand memes. The backlash against the now withdrawn campaign has been a delight to behold and again shows it is through creativity we can best express so many of our emotions.

One of the newest editions to the BrightSky website is our Creative Directory, a treasure trove of all that is beautiful and enlightened and it’s well worth checking out. Visionary Art, in particular, can lift us out of ourselves and into realms where anything is possible and BrightSky was lucky enough to attend the opening of Vision 2020 exhibition on Saturday where three of our members were exhibiting.

Rita Hraiz, Mometo and Jake Ewen joined a collective of local artists, bringing light to a dark October evening. It was a private show held in the large and airy Rook Chapel in Frome and there was a general buzz of excitement and consensus that, yes, none of these artists should retrain, they should just keep creating art.

We need our artists, our musicians, our writers, our filmmakers more than ever right now, and it’s up to us to make sure they get through these difficult times. As a community, there are many ways we can support them; buy local from small independent businesses, shop on Etsy rather than Amazon, give Christmas presents that are handmade. Together we can ensure that creativity not only survives but thrives!

BrightSky Artists Participating in Vision 2020

Rita Hraiz

Rita a ceremony facilitator, a clothes designer and visionary artist. She has been on a 25-year path of purification, studying Ageless Wisdom and the Laws of Initiation, Laws

of Harmlessness, Etheric Healing and Solar Philosophy. Through this and the use of sacred geometric tools and Puja’s daily meditation, she has managed to transform her life and facilitate others in their transformation.

“For me, visionary art is my attempt to paint the quality of various aspects of deity and spiritual beings I have witnessed during meditation. It is an attempt to convey the beauty of a sacred connection with inner worlds.”


Ben Taylor is an artist/creator and teacher, a gardener and a guide. He promotes the deep meditational experience, the joy and limitless potential that comes from the creative process itself, once we move beyond our self-criticism and judgement. He believes that the Creative force runs through us all, and can be accessed and enjoyed by all.

“My artwork practice can be roughly divided into sculptural work, which utilises many natural materials found on my travels (driftwood, feathers, bones, seeds etc), and more figurative and abstract paintings using the more traditional mediums of oils and acrylics.

The moniker I use for my artwork, Mometo, is one of the names given to me through the tradition of Bwiti. It means “Pygmee man”, and it is in this spirit that my artwork is created.”

Jake Ewen

Jake an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. In his work he explores themes of illusion, perception and pattern; often creating images that appear photorealistic from a distance, only to fall into utter abstraction on closer inspection.

“I’m interested in creating artworks that are dynamic, embedding multiple perspectives, prompting in the brain an experience of its own shifting perception between apparent concreteness, and in turn hopefully some insight into the fluid nature of one’s own sense of reality. For me ‘Visionary art’ seeks to connect and educe tangible dreams from the collective subconscious, visions springing forth from that holy space between the cracks of perception.”



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