Re-Branding BrightSky — The Process

BrightSky is a platform that exists to help make meaningful connections through shared purpose and to facilitate healthy livelihoods, people and communities. The BrightSky community consists of experts working together who are on a mission to support the global shift of consciousness and to bring people together to help heal the world.

A platform where people can come to heal and grow but also educate themselves about how and what treatments can benefit them.

As an agency, we immediately felt drawn to everything that BrightSky is about and how they’re making their own unique mark within the health & wellness sector.

We were tasked with re-branding, designing and developing their website as part of a larger campaign strategy to launch the company to a wider audience. We thought it would be a great opportunity to document our process so you can get an insight into how we work and why we made the decisions that we did. This is a brief overview of that process.

Then & Now. The Old logo had no meaning or concept behind it.


Before we get stuck into the pretty bits it’s important to kick things off with a workshop to turn the abstract idea of “our brand” into something more concrete and meaningful not only for us but so all the people involved in the process understand it themselves.

This gives everyone a deeper understanding as to how they are currently perceived, what their long-term goals are and why they exist in the first place.

Kickoff Workshop with BrightSky

It’s vital for any of the brands we work with to be able to walk away following this process with confidence in their brand. We can deliver this with visuals, tone of voice and an identity that is truly authentic and reflects their core values in a way that speaks to its audience.

Following our workshop with BrightSky, we discovered that there were some underlining themes and trends that stood out to us. Children’s Fire is something that resonated with everyone in the team and we felt that this should be a fundamental foundation of the BrightSky community.

“No law, no decision, no action of any kind shall be taken that will harm the children of this generation and seven generations hence.”
— Children’s Fire

This was interpreted in the values and the core values we found were Health, Heart, Trust, Accessibility, Mindfulness and Community.


All good brands need a solid vision. During our discovery phase, this is where we look at the look and feel and how we envision the brand could look.

During our research, we were inspired by a variety of different brands and the similarities they drew with their values and also a visual language that we felt represented BrightSky.

These were the results of the different paths we wanted to take for the logo.

Vision 1 — Inspired by brands who are recognised for their simplicity and uniqueness.
Vision 2 — Inspired by brands who are recognised for their minimal yet bold look.
Vision 3 — Inspired by brands who are recognised for their bold and trusted aesthetic.

Following the feedback we received, we were asked to explore visions 1 & 3 further. We felt that these were both great directions to take for creating a brand that looks professional whilst also bringing a sense of trust within the health & wellness space.

Logo Development.

Once we have a more clear vision in mind we then begin the initial logo development stage. We prefer to do our initial logo development in monotone so as not to get distracted by colours. A logo that works well in black and white will work well in all applications.

After spending time developing lots of different routes we narrow this down internally to the 3 strongest routes, which we present as our logo visions.

First Set of Logo Visions

Initial feedback was that the typography in uppercase was not right for this brand. Everyone was drawn towards the typography in the 2nd vision as it was clear, approachable and felt trusted. The biggest uncertainty was with the icon. So we looked to develop the icon further and work with the typography in Vision 2.

We started off by refining the wordmark to a place where we were all happy.

Most noticeable change was the dot of the “i”.

This gave us a bit of direction to develop the icon. The general consensus with the initial logo Visions was the 1st Vision was too heavy and didn’t have a strong emotive feeling surrounding it. The 2nd vision felt like there was a bit too much going on and then to counter that the 3rd vision felt a bit weak and unsupportive.

We went back to our earlier research and referenced how Children’s Fire resonated with everyone and wanted to see how we could incorporate this into the logo.

Outlining the key features and concepts behind the icon visions.

Again after lots of refinement, we honed down our development to 3 different Visions. The first vision took the most cues from the previous designs taking into consideration the feedback we had.

The second vision took a new approach with the focus around the community and children’s fire at the heart.

The final vision was to strip everything back and have the wordmark as the main logo with the dot of the “i” becoming symbolic as an icon.

Final Visions.

There was an overwhelming energy towards the 2nd vision. There was some feedback to try a few variations but we ultimately came back to something very similar to this original vision.

Brand Development.

Following logo development, we look to bring the brand to life, this involves the overall look and feel, colours and typography and how the brand will be applied.

We started creating mood boards and narrow those down to 3 different moods. Each one explores different use of pattern, texture, colour, typography and illustration. These are the elements that will bring out the personality and style of the brand.

Mood 1 — Optimistic, Expressive, Inclusive, Honest
Mood 2 — Harmonious, Nurturing, Friendly, Tranquil
Mood 3 — Trustworthy, Clear, Forward-Thinking, Positive

Feedback was drawn towards mood 1 & 2. This was enough for us to start playing around with the palette and refining typography options.

We developed and refined the palette and started seeing how it would work with the logo and different fonts.

Initial Brand Visions.

General energy was drawn more to the first and second vision with no one having strong feelings towards the third.

Suggested Variations of preferred visions.

We played around with a few logo concepts following the feedback and came to a group decision that everyone was really happy with.

Chosen Logo Vision mocked up with some alternative typography choices.

The final step was making some adjustments to the typography and how that worked with the chosen colours and logo.


We’re really happy with how the brand is coming to life and looking forward to applying it in the real world. We’d love to hear your thoughts.



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