Stuck at home during Lockdown? Here’s how to survive.

An interview with Ben Gross from Wider Horizons

Image by @PhilipVolkers Photography

What is Wider Horizons?

What age do you mean by young adults?

So the young adults that come to you, what is your intention for them to leave with? Is it a better understanding of self?

That they feel inspired, nourished and ready to give. A feeling that ‘I am okay as I am’, and ‘How can I be of service to others?’ That’s the transformation.

What happens at the Wider Horizons festivals?

Image by Isla Joy Talbot — @SongbirdSoundSolutions

With Lockdown, you are not able to do physical festivals, so how are you managing?

Lockdown has been very hard for young adults. Being eighteen at the minute and stuck at home without peer support must be difficult. What are you finding are the biggest challenges for young people at the moment?

Why do you think that is?

Inspiration from nature, and connection to Spirit, inside and all around, and to a community. Where there was a hole, a feeling of emptiness and lack before, now it is filled. They don’t need to fill it with drugs anymore. It is also about power. When you feel weak, there is an emptiness inside, but when you feel power within, you don’t need drugs.

Image by Sean Delahay — @gotsoulfilms

What would be your advice to any young adult struggling with Lockdown?

Our theme at BrightSky this month, Ben, is Dreaming. Can you talk a bit about that?

Finally, Ben, what does the future hold for Wider Horizons? Have you got any plans for when Lockdown ends?



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