The Importance of Dreaming in our Reality

Katherine Ewen
BrightSky Community
8 min readMar 12, 2021


An interview with Maia Francis and Steven

Maia Francis is a channeller and BrightSky member. I met Maia at a couple of online round tables, and despite my slight scepticism when it comes to channelling, I was surprised to find myself drawn to her. She is vivacious and down to earth, with a hearty sprinkling of humour, and I thought she would be a great person to interview. The theme for February was dreaming, and that felt like the perfect opportunity to get her on Zoom.

We met towards the end of the month and had a fun and lively conversation, which took an interesting turn when ‘Steven’, the collective of energies she channels, turned up. It is a pleasure to recount our conversation, and I hope you enjoy meeting Steven as much as I did.

Hi Maia, can you start by telling me a bit about what you do?

In February 2018 I first received a communication from a collective of guides. I was not particularly spiritual before then. I had started meditating in 2017 because I was going through a bit of personal turmoil. One day I took myself into mediation, and my head began moving of its own accord, which was incredibly freaky. I was so spooked that I didn’t meditate for another month or so. Then I decided that it hadn’t felt bad, as such, so I went back into meditation, asking for the phenomenon to be more contained. The head shaking happened again, and at one point, I thought, well, maybe I can ask it to guide me. I asked for a yes or no response, and I received a nod or a shake, and that sat with me for a couple of months. Over time I became more confident and started spelling out phrases.

During this time, I regarded the occurrence as communication with my higher self. Then, in February 2018 an energy came through who identified themselves as something that was not me, and they asked if I would communicate for them.

How do you translate or communicate what it is that is happening to you?

I felt that what was important was that I was doing something useful for people, that it wasn’t speculation or prophetic work.

When you channel, you can identify yourself with what people regard as spirits that have crossed over. They want a connection with a family member or friend. That has come to me a little bit, but I’m not really interested in that as I don’t necessarily think it is helpful.

I imagine another band of energies that work on a different frequency level which picks up more of what we would regard as angelic energies or ascended master energies. This particular collective that I work with is from those levels, including some galactic energies.

Steven came through, and I call it Steven because this was the name the collective of consciousness gifted themselves. I asked, ‘Why Steven? It’s just such an ordinary name! Can you not be the circle of bright shining light or the collection of galactic stars?’ They said, ‘No. They just wanted to be Steven’, and I said, ‘Why? That is just so ridiculous!’

‘We just want to be ordinary,’ they said. I mean, as if any of this is ordinary? Anyway, they wanted to be called Steven.

What I like about Steven is that they want to help people access information on the law of attraction, but from a more spiritual perspective. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience for the opportunity of growth. They are happy to work with anyone, but we have tended to work with groups, with people who are aware of this work already. They aren’t looking for individual psychic readings, but they are interested in an exploration of their spiritual being.

I asked, does Steven have a message for the BrightSky community? At this point, Maia went into a trance, and Steven started speaking.

It brings us a deep sense of joy and a deep sense of pride that organisations like BrightSky exist and are burgeoning in their growth right now. They provide a platform for others to congregate around. A magnetic point to which individual, interested souls can gravitate towards. This perspective of holding the space, of keeping this fire going, is critical for the next stage of human evolution and the rolling out of what we refer to as ‘The New Earth’. It involves restructuring society to support humanity in investigating joyful, unifying pursuits over polarising and destructive ones.

When we talk about this New Earth, we are talking about a different paradigm, a different set of structures that will be in place to lift and elevate the base level of existence. It would not be possible for this to happen in a short space of time. We come through now to assist in this transition. To help with the morphing and evolving of those structures that no longer serve you as a collective. They are inhibiting your growth and ability to truly evolve into beings with a greater level of compassionate consciousness which is what you are moving towards.

What you are experiencing is the metamorphic process of breakdown down before this giving birth can take place.

BrightSky, especially, has a specific role to play in harnessing the focus of all of its members and all that it touches. Fundamentally what is critical is that you, as BrightSky, hold these elevated vibrations. This world you inhabit is vibrational, and you need to be selective around the vibrations to which you are aligned. These magnificent vibrations of dreaming, of prospecting, of imagining, of optimism, this is what will bring about the future of joyfulness. Focus on what you wish to invite in, then the nuts and bolts will fall into place. What is critical for BrightSky is to hold and anchor the inspired vision of magnificence. It awaits all of your members, all of the community and all of humanity in general. Hold tightly to these visions of that which you wish to experience.

We will pause and see if there are any more questions.

Our theme this month is dreaming. What power does dreaming have to counteract the difficulties people are experiencing during Lockdown?

This specific subject is so relevant at the moment. This topic is a beacon, sending out a signal of hope for many of the community. We want to acknowledge the pain and suffering that people are going through. We know how uncomfortable and destabilising it is when your income reduces, your work diminishes. It is a natural human reaction to feel these overwhelming sensations of being out of control. This is why it is so important to pivot — to refocus on what you desire.

This moment is fleeting, and the best opportunity for people creating the joyful life they wish to have in the future is to dream it in. To spend more time pondering that feeling they wish to have now. Lean into that vibration of stability. It exists now. If they can use this vibration of stability, and abundance, then that is the signal they are sending to the universe. Each one of you is an antenna. The signal that you can emit now is one of abundance, stability and reliability — if you choose it.

If you decide, determinately, not to investigate the negativity, you will train yourself to be open to feeling appreciation, allowing you to leapfrog into more certainty and abundance.

Yet, still, you would say, ‘Sure, but we do not see the money in the bank’, but this vibration that you hold of openness is the vibration you are emanating to the universe. This is the law of the universe. The unequivocal Law of Attraction — that which is likened to itself is drawn to itself.

You emanating that signal creates a reaction that you will receive back. You have to — it is the law of the universe. This idea of dreaming is much more powerful and potent than you think it is. It is you recrafting your reality, individually and collectively.

Our steps for attaining the reality you wish to have are as follows: Firstly, put the blinkers on to anything that does not feel good, to anything that makes you feel unhappy. You do not need to immerse yourself in bad news stories occurring across the globe. Feel compassion and sensitivity, yes, of course, but feel the solutions. Do not feed into the vibrations of misery. You are not helping anyone. There is always a solution, so feel into that.

Secondly, get clear about what you want, and enjoy the process of coming up with it. Imagine, visualise, immerse yourself in everything you think would bring you joy. When you do it, do not over attach to the imagery or specifics. Attach to the vibration that you think that outcome brings. What does stability feel like? Does it feel like containment, or does it feel like freedom? Does it feel like you can spend lots of money, or does it feel like openness to choices?

All your power exists in this now moment. We are not the first to have said this. You can read this in any greeting card, but what we mean when we say this is to think into that sentence. What does it truly mean? It means that all you can do is control this experience that you are having right now. This vibration that you are emanating now. That which is gone is gone. That which is ahead is not in your current reality, but it can be if you manage your now moment. If you are vigilant about the vibration you are emanating and choose to use your power and craft this vibration.

And so now dear one, we feel that we have shared the pearls we have now for humanity and that you will be able to craft together something that does not make us sound like idiots. We shall express our gratitude to you and shuffle aside so dear Maia can return.

At this point, I thanked Steven and waited for Maia to return.

Wow Maia, that was amazing!

Maia chuckled with her deep, hearty laugh and said: Yeah, they can be pretty bossy. They see how easy it would be for us to adjust to having a better experience of being alive. I guess because of channelling them I feel these beautiful waves of love. That is why I let an outside energy take me over. If I ever felt anything else, I would remove them, but I never have. It is always a beautiful benevolent feeling of kindness and love.

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