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10 Top Tips To Get More Brand Exposure For Your Business

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Why is Brand Exposure Important?

Exposing people to your brand helps them to become comfortable with your products and branding. It can also help your audience to recall and remember your brand and If you manage to build enough brand awareness among the demographic you’re targeting, you can help your brand be the first thing to come to mind when your potential consumers are ready to research and make an investment. Taking advantage of the opportunities available in the digital world is a great way to make your brand’s voice heard.

Here are 10 useful tips for you to start increasing your brand’s exposure.

1. Run Facebook and Instagram ads

Both Facebook and Instagram are quality platforms to run your brand’s adverts on. One really good point is that you can specifically target audiences based on their behavior and personal preferences. By creating carousel ads or short videos you can also target users that may be interesting in messaging your brand’s page. Facebook allows you to see how well your ads are performing and determine how your audience is interacting with your content.

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2. Use Your Brand Everywhere

Make sure your potential customers are seeing your brand as much as possible, this makes you more memorable and familiar to your audience. Online, you could make sure to tactically place your logo on every section of your website, at the end of your emails, and on “thank you pages”.

Offline, if you ship physical products, don’t miss out on the opportunity to create branded packaging, it’s the small things that can make the biggest difference.

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3. Organise Competitions and Giveaways

Get your audience involved in something fun by creating competitions and giveaways. Gaining their attention and allowing them to create or interact will make your brand seem fun, fresh, and modern. If your campaign uses enough incentive, your audience might help you out by creating some traction by spreading the word and sharing your brand’s content.

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4. Consider Retargeting

When you scroll through social media, the chances are you’re going to see hundreds of brands a day. Because of this, it makes it easy for your brand to slip through the net. You don’t have to consider the people who visit your page and leave right away lost customers. You may have just caught them at a time when it’s not convenient for them to have a good enough look or consider making a purchase. The truth is, you haven’t necessarily lost them, you just need to set up a retargeting campaign using the right techniques to remind them of your business when the time is right.

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5. Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

The majority of us would rather follow real people on platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn than the businesses they work for. We all seem to prefer to see the content we relate to on a human level, Every single day we’re bombarded with businesses trying to sell us something, this can quickly begin to wear thin on your audience, content from real people is where it can get interesting.

Training your staff to use platforms like LinkedIn can really pay off. Every time they post content involving your brand, your brand exposure can grow little by little.

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6. Offline Marketing is Still A Thing

The average person spends 142 minutes a day scrolling through social media according to the latest figures in the Statista Digital Economy Compass. This means consumers aren’t necessarily paying attention to the brands they are scrolling past. Increasingly, businesses are realizing that sometimes, it may be effective to think “inside the box”.

by placing your posters and billboards in relevant places, you’re creating a refreshing way to get your name out there. If you’re wanting to measure the effectiveness of your offline campaign include QR codes.

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7. Make Guest Appearances

Another way to boost your brand’s exposure is to appear in someone else’s audience. You could appear in their content, webinars, podcasts, Instagram Q&As, or blogs. This will create interest among new people and will get potential customers talking.

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8. Start Partnerships With Relevant Businesses

You might be a local business or appear solely online, either way, partnering with other businesses that are relevant to your own can help you tap into new audiences and help grow your brand awareness.

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9. Have A Face For Your Company

Having a face for your company allows you to humanize your brand and it can give a sense of the acknowledgeable and friendly customer service your consumers can expect to receive. You could do this by hiring an actor or a spokesperson.

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10. Create A Short Catchy Slogan

A famous catchy slogan is “Just Do It” immediately, Nike comes to mind. The trick is to condense what your company stands for into a short memorable slogan, it must explain how you are unique from your competitors and why customers should choose you.

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