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5 Benefits of Social Media Advertising over Google Ads

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Wondering which platform to use for your next ad campaign? are you pondering on whether social media ads are more beneficial for your buisness? let’s go through a run-through of the five advantages of using social media to advertise.

When Are Social Media Ads Effective?

If you’re looking to grow your brand awareness, build a community and engage with customers this is the route you want to go down. The main focus of social media ads is the upper funnel - awareness and consideration stages. Social media ads are especially useful for ;

1. Improving Brand Recognition

This is your chance to show your audience and potential customer base what you stand for, what your company is about and why they should consider choosing your brand over other competitors.

2. Getting Insights About Your Target Audience

Advertising allows you to gain insight into the way your audience is interacting with your adverts. It helps you to learn about your audience thus improving your next campaign and optimizing your performance.

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

3. Building Brand Community

Depending on the industry your business falls into, it may be helpful to build a community for your brand. It’s a very beneficial tactic if you are keen to develop one of the most effective communication channels- word of mouth. Overall, social media ads are a great way to improve band recogniton and develop trust in your brand.

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4. Increasing Inbound Traffic

By creating social media ads, you increase the likelihood of more inbound traffic to your page. There is a high probability viewers are not ready to buy your product yet. However, by clicking on your advert, they can discover more information about your company and your products and even sign up for a newsletter.

Photo by Stephen Phillips - on Unsplash

5. Generating and Improving Brand Loyalty

Above all else, creating social media adverts can help you strengthen your brand loyalty. As well as growing brand awareness, advertising on social media is a brilliant way to take care of and develop relationships with potential and existing customers.



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