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Our 10 Top Tips to Improve Your Carbon Footprint

When you buy a new pair of kicks, drive your car to work, or make your favourite food on the grill, did you realise you are contributing to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere? this is what is known as your carbon footprint.

The EU has set the objective of being “climate neutral” by 2050 and many countries, institutions and companies have committed to reduce their emissions. As individuals we can also play our part in reducing our emissions and we can estimate our carbon footprint. Here is how you do it.

Why should you care?

According to United Nations’ predictions, the global population could reach 9.7 billion people by 2050 and over 11 billion people by 2100 and an ever growing population drives up emissions and depletes the planet’s resources.

Increased greenhouse gas emissions accelerates climate change leading to disastrous effects on the planet.

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So How Can YOU Reduce Your Footprint?

1. Food

consume local and seasonal products ( ditch your strawberries in the winter this year).

You could Limit your meat consumption (especially beef).

When you are doing your shopping make sure to bring reusable shopping bags and avoid buying products with excessive plastic packaging.

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2. Clothing

Take good care of your clothing.

Try borrowing, renting, swapping or buying clothes secondhand.

If you’re buying new clothes make sure they are responsibly made clothes, for example, made with an eco label or made with recycled clothes.

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3. Transport

Ditch the car and walk, cycle or use public transport if you can.

If you drive, be smart about when and how you drive.

Why not try the train for your next holiday?.

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4. Energy and Waste

Take shorter showers, that way you’re wasting less water.

Turn off the water while brushing teeth or washing the dishes.

Limit and recycle your waste.

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Brightwork is an eco-focused, full-service digital agency based in the Lake District in England. We cater to UK businesses, helping them with their brand, their online presence, web hosting and design. We also invest heavily in premium UK domain names.

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