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Why Low Carbon Web Design Matters in 2022

The Web has endless possibilities and has huge potential to bring us all together in society and even benefit the enviroment. It’s something we all need in this ever changing world but we should do it sustainably and wisely here’s all the reasons why.

The Big Issue

The problem we’re facing in the age of the internet is a very serious one; something that affects all of us no matter our experience with the internet. The internet currently produces approximately 3.8% of global carbon emissions which are rising due to our insatiable appetite to consume more data. Increasingly, web technologies across the globe are also used to erode privacy, prompt unethical decisions and in some counties, even undermine personal freedoms and the wellbeing of society.

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The Future of the Web

So what does the future look like if we keep this up? well the future looks bleak for the environment, and we can’t afford to make any more mistakes. Communications technology will emit more carbon by 2025 than any country with the exception of India, China and the United States of America. Here’s another worrying statistic ; renewables made up only a shocking 26.2% of the global electricity generation in 2018. Why does this affect us personally? climate change is expected to cause 250,000 additional deaths per year between 2030 and 2050.

What can your Online business Look at doing?

Transmission around the globe consumes a lot of energy and the further the energy has to travel the larger the energy consumption.

One of the most effective ways of reducing your carbon footprint in the online world is to always select a data centre as close to the core user base as possible. For international user bases, it’s a good idea to use a content delivery network (CDN). This helps to reduce the distance that large files travel through networks to reach each user, and thus reduces your energy consumption.

Another way to help the environment is to check to ensure that your hosting provider has a robust environmental policy covering full business emissions and the responsible use of new equipment and the reuse of old equipment.

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