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Why WordPress is Still a Great Platform for your Website.

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WordPress is flexible and easy to customise.

WordPress is flexible and allows you to create any website you can think of. With it being frequently updated and easy to customise, you will be choosing the most flexible and time-tested solution that is also affordable.

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The software is free to use.

WordPress is free for anyone to download. Not only is it free to download They don’t charge extra if your site starts to bring more costumers than anticipated.

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Unparalleled support.

Starting your first website and using new software can become intimidating. Fortunately, WordPress has a wide community all with different levels of skills therefore finding advice from guides or direct assistance is never a problem. Wordpress also provides support through getting started, Themes to help get started, and step-by-step instructions so you can create your perfectly functioning site.

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WordPress is designed to protect your site.

Wordpress is made with security in mind. Furthermore, security updates are released regularly and will inform you of the latest issues and concerns. In addition to this WordPress also allows you to download the best security plugs inns to ensure your site is extra safe. However, users should always still use caution and only download plugins from trusted sources.

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Wordpress is SEO friendly.

If you are creating a website most likely your reason is to promote your business to as many people as possible. Using Search engine optimization will be a massive help for this, this means updating your site so Google finds it easy and shows up in the relevant search results. Popular Search engines tend to rank websites that use WordPress higher than ones that don't.

Photo by Stephen Phillips - on Unsplash



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