GraphQL Meetup Bangkok 1.0

Towards a vision of GraphQL Asia

With the GraphQL Europe conference last month and GraphQL Summit coming soon in November there is still a need to keep everyone updated with recent developments around GraphQL.

Not only that, but there is in fact a desperate need of education and help among beginners in GraphQL space, also in Asia.

As a result Apollo and BrikL joined forces and partner on running the first GraphQL meetup in Bangkok with a vision towards a GraphQL Asia conference early next year.

The first meetup held last week in Bangkok, Thailand at Ma:D Club hopefully leads to a series of more events in Southeast Asia and around giving Apollo and GraphQL ecosystem the opportunity to help the community in Asia.

GraphQL Bangkok 1.0 Meetup

Running a first meetup is exciting and intimidating at the same time but with backing by Apollo and Prisma we were able to deliver. We wanted to help teams learn more about how to get started with GraphQL and what the ecosystem has to offer. So the goal was to give all of the 27 attendees who came, the tools to get started with GraphQL but also go further with it.


Joseph Glanville on Apollo Server and Apollo Engine

We had the pleasure of having Apollo’s Cloud Systems Engineer Joseph Glanville (part of the Apollo Engine backend team) around giving his insightful talk on all of the new incredible features of Apollo Server v2 alongside of a deep dive and live-demo on Apollo Engine.

Next to a talk on Apollo by Joseph there has been an introduction on GraphQL for beginners and lightning talks on AWS AppSync and Prisma being very much part of the GraphQL ecosystem.

BrikL — Apollo user in production

We also took the opportunity to share more on BrikL and how BrikL is using GraphQL in production. The community is in need of getting more examples and success stories on GraphQL and Apollo going further than boilerplates and Todo apps.

BrikL has been using GraphQL from the start for more than 2 years in a serverless stack with API Gateway, AWS Lambda and DynamoDB. Since last year we have been reluctant to use Apollo Client and Apollo Server in production which use-case we were more than happy to share at the meetup. Apollo’s tools and the serverless framework have been key to our agility and success the last months.

Tobias Meixner on GraphQL and Apollo use case @ BrikL

What’s next

The meetup in Bangkok was a proven success to help the community which will be continued bi-monthly sharing more success stories and teaching beginners on the GraphQL ecosystem and Apollo.

Towards our vision on GraphQL Asia early next year we are looking to help others get meetups up to speed around South East Asia.

We also seek support for our vision to find speakers for meetups in Asia and help organizing the summit for next year. Contact us if you are interested to support.