My 3 weeks at Brilliant Basics

By Hitesh (Intern at Brilliant Basics)

I haven’t blogged or kept a diary/ journal ever in my life so this might not be what you’re expecting. Anyway here it goes:

It’s the last day of my three-week internship at Brilliant Basics, and looking back on it now seems to bring back fond memories.

The variety of experiences I have had over such a short period of time still surprises me. As an engineering student trying to break out of the norm, I was given my escape at BB. I spent some time with the UX and Design teams and it was fascinating to see a range of people from different backgrounds coming and collaborating together to solve problems. It seemed to work like a well-conducted orchestra.

So what did I do here? It’s hard to point out anything in particular: Research, Industrial Design, Computer Aided Design, coming up with innovative ideas for clients, sourcing components, logging elements of a sitemap were all in the mix. I’m glad it was this way as I got to have a taste of everything. Some tasks came naturally whereas others were challenging but all were rewarding.

Creative freedom is a hard thing to come by and that is what I’m most thankful for. I never thought my product concept would be taken forward by the company and made into 3D printed prototypes. I thought they were crazy to trust a student intern on it. That sort of responsibility and trust drives you to do the best you can and I can leave being proud of what I accomplished here.

I shall miss the people I worked with here. There were many times when I needed help, or needed a push or some motivation and I always got it from my coworkers.

Brilliant Basics is a unique company and their vision is beautifully simple. The culture and people are what make it so much fun to work at. They are growing at a momentous pace and I only see things getting better. Thank you for giving me a chance to be part of the team and I hope I can come back again in the future. It has opened up my mind to what’s out there and has equipped me with a sense of fearlessness to tackle the challenges I shall come across like this blog I’m writing right now. I guess its done now… Brilliant.

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