Comparison is the thief of joy

“Comparison is the thief of joy”
- Theodore Roosevelt

When you embark upon a big career change, it is tempting to look back. You want to know if you made the right decision. So, you look at what you left behind, you obsessively check the market, you check on what your past colleagues are doing, and you’re still seeing all of the social media updates from that old network.

But, the fastest path to dissatisfaction and unhappiness is to constantly compare yourself to others, their achievements, their possessions, or their lifestyle.

It does absolutely nothing to help you make progress on your own path.

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Much like real life, if you keep looking back or glancing over at someone else, you will stumble and fall on your own path.

Remember your goal, keep your focus on the path to get there, and devote your time and energy into making that happen.

Learn from those who have scouted and forged the path ahead of you. Accept that the path behind you is just that; forever behind you.

The only comparison worth making is to the old you:

  • Are you moving in the right direction?
  • Are you learning from your mistakes?
  • Are you happier today than you were yesterday?
  • Is every step you take bringing you closer to what you really want?

Don’t let comparison to someone else steal your new joy.

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