Make the game of fetch smarter than ever

As you already know Bringy Team is all about well-being of dogs. We know that mutual understanding is crucial in every human-canine relationship. That’s why we’d like to introduce to you a unique, high-tech ball which is perfect for fetch games, improving dog’s skills, measuring its progress and breaking speed or high jump records. We’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for our gadget. What is it all about?

Dogs have always been man’s best friend, no doubt. Yet sometimes misunderstanding dogs’ needs gets in the way of this special relation. That’s why we’ve built a smart ball, which enables monitoring dog’s activity and improving communication with pupils. This unique solution helps owners to understand their best buddies better. With Bringy they are able to respond to dogs’ wants quickly, as well as keep them happy and healthy.

A smart ball for smart dog owners

A shock-proof sensor hidden in this bouncy ball precisely tracks its moves. Thanks to that, Bringy measures and monitors e.g. the distance a dog has run to chase and retrieve, or how high he has jumped to catch the ball. Data collected during fetch games is processed in real time, so that the system modifies trainings and walks according to dog’s current capabilities. Additionally, information from all trainings is stored, which gives an insight into dog’s progress over time.

Ball games are great to improve communication with dogs. And when you get access to information about your dog’s well-being, you can take care of him even better. Bringy provides a smart, seamless connection between humans and dogs, which helps owners manage their daily dog routines more comfortably. Using Bringy you’ll learn how to build a solid relationship with your dog. A game of fetch has never been so smart! — explains Piotr Jasiński, the founder of Bringy.

Understand your dog better

Bringy can be controlled with an intuitive mobile app. Not only can you analyze your dog’s results and receive multiple alerts, but also with just a few taps on your smartphone you can turn on the lights in the ball to play after twilight. The ball is durable and made of medical-quality materials, which makes it chew-friendly and safe. Its weight enables building up your dog’s muscles and spine, while a beeping signal — turned on with the app — makes it nearly impossible to lose. The battery inside the ball will last for about 45 hours of playing and can be easily recharged.

With this ball dog owners can get the information about their buddies’ condition, their speed and high jump records. Data collected during walking and playing may help owners understand their dogs’ needs. Bringy enables customizing games and workouts for dogs of all breeds. It will also remind about giving a bowl of fresh water while playing outdoors, and tell when a dog is ready to head back home — says Piotr Jasiński, the founder of Bringy.

Let’s bring Bringy to life!

We’re playing with a Bringy prototype and our dogs simply love it. All the elements of the ball already exist, have been thoroughly tested and look great. We’re ready for production, but we won’t be able to make it without your support. That’s why today we’ve started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to launch a large-scale production of our smart ball.

The earliest backers can get Bringy for $45, and the estimated product delivery date is December 2017. There are also sets of two and ten balls at special prices. Every little helps, that’s why we’ve prepared gadgets for $5, $10 and $15. Our backers can get a set of Bringy posters, stickers or a bag. We’ve also designed a cool statement T-shirt. Want to express your love to the furry creature that always stands by your side? Get one and let the world know that the two of you are the best buddies ever!

Are you with us? Support Bringy on Kickstarter and don’t forget to spread the word about Bringy among your pet-loving friends!