Play outdoors and relax at home

Your dog likes order and consistency just as you do. To organize your coexistence, remember to draw a thick line between where you both have fun and where you rest. Such a clear division of spaces can be exceptionally beneficial, especially because your dog’s principles and manners strongly affect your social and family life.

From early puppy days you should teach your buddy that ball games, frisbee and other crazy, running activities happen outdoors. There is much more space and fresh air outside than at home. It is where you get exercise and improve physical skills, as well as come across all sorts of interesting animated objects, such as pigeons, ducks, squirrels and other dogs.

Walking and playing outdoors is an thrilling adventure, which includes getting to know new smells, ground textures different from a carpet or wooden floor, as well as super exciting puddles, ponds and mud (if the owner is kind enough to let a dog get dirty). Getting in touch with nature and fresh air exercises do wonders for well-being and mental health of the both of you.

On the other hand, there are indoor spaces — enclaves of comfort and safety. A multi-storey house, a tiny flat or a spacious apartment — home is always the oasis of peace, where chew-toys, blankets and comfy couches do their job. Such boundaries between amusement and relax spaces will not only help you manage your time and house tidiness, but also are crucial to understand your dog and its needs. When you rest in your armchair and see your pal bringing a ball — that’s a sign it wants to stretch paws and get out. Considering the pet usually stays with you for quite a long time, the lesson is worth giving go. Because you want to be in charge at home, don’t you?

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