3-hr Golden Gate Bridge swim

Getting ready for the big 3 hours

Whales, crabs, seals, and jellyfish envelope my open water adventures. I have unexpectedly encountered each of these species through my swims in the Bay and Boston Harbor. Yesterday, I reached 3 hours in the Bay in 58 degree water.

Flying past the Marina

It was a beautiful morning with clear skies and sun peaking through patchy clouds. My sister, Nancy and brother-in-law, Matt, part of my Channel crew, joined me for my training swim — their first experience on the water. The first hour was choppy with big swells and my body felt tired pushing through the “washing machine” beating of the water. When you’re doing long swims, your mind wanders to all sorts of things. I questioned my decision to plan such a big swim after flying in from the East Coast only the day before. I wondered if my body could endure the cold, choppy conditions — something I haven’t encountered in my longer training swims.

After 3 hours in the Bay, my shoulders were tired, my lips were blue, and my pizza visualizations created a pain of hunger. We survived! I feel ready to take on Lake Tahoe in 2 weekends.

Busy day on the Bay

I’m one year away from my English Channel slot (July 20–27, 2018). I can’t believe the past 2 years have flown by so quickly. Since I signed up in 2015, I started weekly double practices with Masters, joined the Dolphin Club, and now reached 3 hours in the Bay. I still have a long road ahead, but I feel incredibly strong and ready to tackle this journey to France.

6.22 mile R/T Golden Gate Bridge swim