Charcoal City Games Launches Kickstarter for New Game Waveform Wipeout

Image courtesy of Charcoal City Games

Today marks the first day of Charcoal City Games Kickstarter for its newest game, Waveform Wipeout, a game built on Brinkbit. The levels in this innovative surfing game are procedurally generated, based on the audio waves of the music you listen to while playing. While it includes an original soundtrack by renowned chiptune composers, you can also upload whatever music you prefer, allowing for an endless variety of curls to slot (or wipe out on!).

Surfers can perform a number of sick tricks which can be chained together into combos for extra points. Land the longest combos to rack up points and snag the highest scores! With fast paced action and the engrossing power of rhythm-based games (think Tony Hawk Pro Skater meets Guitar Hero) this game is sure to be an instant hit.

Waveform Wipeout gameplay trailer

With both freestyle and arcade modes, Waveform Wipeout gives you a chance to channel (or playlist) surf like never before! Pledge to the Kickstarter today and be the first to play when the game launches in December.

Waveform Wipeout is powered by Brinkbit, a fast, extensible, and scalable BaaS game platform for game services, content management, live ops, and more. Join the beta now!