Brinstaar — Infotswetock

About this record:
I was creating Infotswetock using my guitar and some pedals, you can hear a synth I used in some tracks, it seems to be Polivoks as far as I remember. I had nowhere to play at that time, so I grabbed up my stuff and get it to the work office, and play the music when I had a break (and by the way, I want to say thanks to all colleagues and owners for the great patience they paid to me).

I made a creation process in the way of playing with hardware for a while to the moment I got sound I liked, then I get myself deep into sonar meditation. I improvised until I had my mind completely off, then I push the record button and get a condensed and intensive version in a right state of mind. Every track holds a several lines recorded in this way. For 2 years, while I was working on the album, I made hundreds of tracks, then I started to collect the coolest ones of them… then I dreamed a name Infotswetock, and that is how it was born.

At the same time something happened with my perception, I’ve started to see patterns and structures everywhere, especially on people faces. I’ve thought about the nature of this patterns, and realized that it can be just another layer of the reality interpretation in my mind. Nothing magic, but pretty beautiful. So I’ve sketched this patterns and used to create this snowflake-alike pattern you can see under the glass. Glass was taken to resemble laboratory sample, because this pattern was taken from man’s face like a sample of skin for scientific testing or analysis. Coincidentally, subsurface engraving was made at General Physics Institute supporting my scientific feel of release.

Album was released at Kotä Records at 2011 and after 3 years was reprinted with another package. Kotä is a home for experimental and avant-garde sort of things. Based in Moscow, Russia.

1st edition package design:
Glass pack with sub-surface laser engraving. Limited edition 33 copies.

Photo courtesy of Elena Denisova

Album was featured at Hard Format, site that celebrates brilliant music-related design:

The patterns etched into the glass resemble space invaders or digital snowflakes emanating outwards from the centre. It feels heavy and impressive to hold.
Colin Buttimer
Photo courtesy of Colin Buttimer

2nd edition package design:
Plastic sleeve with silk-screened artwork. Limited edition 450 copies.

Photo courtesy of Anjelika Iskra

You can buy cd at my Bandcamp or digital at iTunes. Hope you enjoy it!

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