Brinstaar — Mielisss

Photo courtesy of Alexander Semenov

About this record:
Mielisss was recorded live at the Naokine studio in the summer of 2009, during some improvisation sets with modular synth and a guitar. Mielisss is my sonic representation of the underwater life and generic prenatal development, as I believe that the ocean is the Earth’s womb for the all creatures we see around. Coincidentally this feeling came very close to me, just when in about 9 month later after this record was made, my son was born.

This record only available in digital format now. Bamdcamp and iTunes. I have vinyl master, though (made by excellent mastering engineer Gabriel Séverin, digital master is also his work), so maybe one day it will be available on LP.

Artwork photo is provided by brilliant scientist and photographer Alexander Semenov, who works at White Sea Biological Station on the north edge of Russia. Creatures that stalking in my imaginary seascapes are captured on his camera. How can it be? I’ve never been so deep underwater. My best dive is 5 meters in Black Sea trying to save my watch. He said he found some new ones while diving, unknown before. Maybe it’s my mind’s creations had embodied. A think you must take a look at his photos, it is definitely worth a few hours spent in front of a screen with a cacao cup, plaid and rocking chair:

Here is cover pictures for this album:

Photo courtesy of Alexander Semenov. Cover design by Brinstaar.
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