A humble take on gun control

To put it frankly, those who support and intend to enforce gun control can be regarded as utter morons. The rudimentary reason we implemented guns into small businesses and homes was to give Americans means of protection. How many cases of murder by firearms have been reported? PLENTY. How many incidents have been prevented with firearms? EVEN MORE.
Now, guns are recognized as dangerous weapons which to me is quite farcical. The allegation does not posses viable evidence. In fact, hands and feet kill twice as many people as guns do. Knives kill five times as many! And most appalling of all, medical malpractice kills 300 times as many!!!! We don’t go around firing doctors with regards to how many people they have killed due to avoidable blunders. Some of these halfwits might respond with an acknowledgement that doctors revive more people than they murder but to those narrow- minded individuals; GUNS ARE INTENDED TO PROTECT RATHER THAN HARM. So spread awareness! Tell your friends(if you have any), family, co-workers, grocery store employees, hardware store employees, and anyone with whom you interact with. Thank you for your contribution to making the world a better place.

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Sources: http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2011/jan/24/national-rifle-association/nra-claims-more-die-accident-medical-misadventures/

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