BEI Weekly Update — 26th July 2019

The calendar of upcoming events and a weekly update from BEI

Dear Members and Friends,

It’s been an incredible week with the largest ever turnover of Ministers in a government led by the same party — of which more in a moment. Our congratulations go to all the new Cabinet. Perhaps a little less dramatically it has also been my first week as CEO of British Expertise, and I want to take this opportunity to write to you all to introduce myself and profile just some of the new initiatives, events and services we are lining up for your benefit over coming months

Firstly, however, I wish to pay tribute to my predecessor Tracey Smith, whom I first met during my time leading work on Africa at Chatham House. Since then I regularly worked alongside Tracey over a number of years during my time managing Business Development strategy at Bechtel and then in my role of Executive Director of the British Foreign Policy Group. Tracey is an incredibly hard act to follow, and I know for many people Tracey and BEI are almost inextricably linked. However, after many years building up BEI I appreciate her desire to seize new opportunities.

My arrival comes at a time of incredible change in the UK and around the world. British Expertise International has a crucial role in ensuring the UK seizes the enormous opportunities opening up for UK business — particularly in professional services. However, we need to move fast and further heighten the level of energy and ambition we have to support our members and professional services as a sector make the most of those opportunities.

So we have been engaging DIT, the FCO and DFID at multiple levels this week as the changes have been underway, and we will continue to remain in close touch as they play out. We will brief you all further in due course, but fair to say that there is a renewed sense of urgency to promote exports, in particular to emerging and non-traditional markets, and BEI and its members will be expected and supported to play a central role in leading and benefiting from those efforts.

We have already anticipated this and have developed an enlarged programme of events and activities for the second half of the year. I will also be taking time to meet with you all to better understand how we can further enhance the service we provide and demonstrate a return to your bottom line.

Two specific initiatives support this ambition. We recently hosted 50 British heads of mission for a day of briefings which over 300 of you attended. The linked report summarises the day and I think demonstrates our reach and capability in support of members interests.

View Meet the UK Ambassadors report →

The other important announcement is that we are now welcoming entries to the 2020 BEI Awards. Most of you will know that this is recognised as one of the most well-respected events recognising the very best of UK professional services expertise globally. Next year will be even bigger and I would urge you to consider entering one or more categories to ensure your company is recognised as a national leader in the provision of British expertise around the world at a critical time for the UK.

Finally; the event we co-hosted this week with the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) and BOND, representing UK International Development NGOs, was a reminder of the role we play in building constructive alignments between the private sector and others in support of global and UK interests. The event was to report back on ICAI’s follow up review of its 2017–2018, and identified a number of areas for improvement including supporting more effective use of the private sector in support of international development priorities. We are keen to support the follow up on this and I know for many of our members working in international development this is an area of real interest.

Many thanks to you all again for your support. I am sure the rain and cooler temperatures come as a relief to many of us, and I hope you have a relaxing weekend before what promises to be a busy week ahead.

Tom Cargill
British Expertise International

Upcoming Events

For any event registration assistance please contact Alex Farley. Click on titles to access more event details. The full calendar can be viewed here and recently added events are highlighted with an asterisk*

30th July, 2019
DFID Malawi- Country Update
Join us for a meeting with DFID Head of Malawi, David Beer as he shares an update on DFID’s work in Malawi. As one of the poorest countries in the world, DFID plays a significant role in supporting the country’s development. Key areas of work include; health, building resilience to crises, support most vulnerable women and girls and supporting institutions and economic development.

11th September, 2019
Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Infrastructure Sector
This event will focus on how UK companies can address the diverse range of discrimination, policies and practices that prohibit entry and advancement within the infrastructure sector. Join us for a discussion with Kristina Scheibler — Frood, Principal Structural Engineer, Aecom and Richard Chapman — Harris, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Mott MacDonald, and Lila Thompson, Chief Executive British Water, on Diversity and Inclusion in the infrastructure sector.

17th September, 2019
The Role of Infrastructure in the 2050 Net-Zero Emissions Target
This event will focus on the role of infrastructure in meeting the net-zero emissions targets and opportunities for UK Plc under the new legally binding targets. Join us for a discussion with Simeon Agada for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Professor Chris Evans from the Centre for Hydrology & Ecology and Alisdair Clark from EBRD for on the journey to net-zero emissions targets by 2050.

24th September, 2019
PIDG Unlocking Infrastructure Opportunities
The Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) is an innovative infrastructure development and finance organisation delivering pioneering infrastructure in the poorest and most fragile countries. Join us for a meeting with PIDG Chief Executive Officer, Philippe Valahu presents on the work of PIDG and some of the infrastructure opportunities for UK companies.

3rd October, 2019*
Sustainable Infrastructure: Looking to the Future
This event will discuss the role of infrastructure in achieving a sustainable future and the challenges of delivering sustainable infrastructural systems under the urgent pressures of population growth and increased demand for housing and services. We will discuss opportunities for sustainable cities and finance and look forward to hearing the insights of Davide Stronati, Global Sustainability Leader, Mott MacDonald Group and Gavin English — MD of IMC Worldwide, Chairman of the Board of Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE).

8th October, 2019
United Arab Emirates Workforce Development Needs: Opportunities for the UK
British Expertise International — Middle East Access Group invite you to join us on Tuesday 8th October 2019 for a briefing and a panel discussion as we look to identify the current and future workforce development trends, challenges and opportunities in the UAE and collaboration between UAE and UK in this field.

20th November, 2019*
USAID Funding Strategies and Questions
The seminar will cover USAID funding opportunities, the USAID procurement process, and will give you tools you can take back to your organisation to build and grow your USAID work. This will be targeted to British organisations that are interested in entering the USAID market. The seminar will be led by Mike Shanley, CEO of Konektid, a U.S. consulting firm that advises clients on partnering with USAID.

External Events

29–31 October, 2019
World Bank Group Business Opportunities Fair — Save the Date
We invite you to mark your calendars for the World Bank Group’s Business Opportunities Fair from October 29–31, 2019 in Washington, D.C. The event will focus on energy and climate-related work at the World Bank Group. The program will also feature sessions with other IFIs. Details on the formal registration process will be announced sometime this month. Programming may be refined according to expressions of interest. Space will be limited.

30th October, 2019
Opportunity Arabia Conference
Opportunity Arabia Conference brings together government and business leaders to help promote trade and raise awareness of business opportunities to the Kingdom through presentations and panel discussions. The conference offers insights into the progress of ‘Vision 2030’ with the aim of identifying current and future business trends.

5–6th November, 2019
9th International Conference: Mineral Resources in the Republic of Serbia: A Driving Force for Economic Development

The aim of this event is to connect mining sector investors and experts with all relevant government, financial and social stakeholders. The conference will address important issues of the mining sector and will focus on the significant contribution of the mineral resources to the development of the Serbian economy and region.

Workshops — Public Administration International (PAI)
PAI offers professional development workshops focusing on topics and themes around good governance, public administration and leading and managing public services locally and internationally. The training sessions combine practical work, case studies and site visits.

Training Offers — The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH)
The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) offers knowledge, skills sharing and capacity building activities and traditional training courses in the UK and internationally to academia, government organisations and business. Upcoming courses include: Using drones to map habitats, Introduction to GIS for environmental scientists course, Ozone pollution: A hidden threat to African crop production.

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