BEI Weekly Update — 2nd August 2019

The calendar of upcoming events and a weekly update from BEI

Dear members and friends,

We now have nearly all ministers in the new government confirmed, including many new faces. Despite the top-level changes, our meetings with senior officials this week confirmed that DIT will continue to prioritise supporting UK companies to identify and win business internationally, including a particular focus on markets in Central, Southern and South East Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Latin America and South East Europe. Equally, meetings with DFID officials confirmed supporting development outcomes in many of these regions will remain a priority, and the role of the private sector in this will be key. These are the markets where, as far as professional services is concerned — whether in infrastructure, international development, education, health or other areas — we provide more practical knowledge and networks than any other body in the UK. So British Expertise International and our members are well placed to inform and benefit from the renewed push promoting exports into these regions, and our emerging Autumn programme of events reflects this, with many more to be added over coming weeks.

Our event this week on DFID’s innovative work in Malawi was illustrative of the unexpected insights we develop through our events. David Beer, Head of DFID Malawi, met with our members to outline how DFID is completely re-orienting its work to catalyse real change in outcomes rather than simply supplement weak capacity. Whilst it was made clear that DFID’s approach in Malawi is not necessarily a harbinger of wider trends across the department, it fits into a pattern we are seeing of a far more dynamic approach to its work, including closer cooperation with the private sector, that provides opportunities for many of our members working to support programme delivery.

On a related note, the Cross-government Gateway for Growth team are reaching out importers, exporters and investors! The UK Government are reviewing the support that they offer companies who are based in Africa or are currently (or interested in) doing business with African companies. To make sure that this support fits your needs they are keen for your feedback! Please support this work by completing this short 5–10 minute survey. The deadline for submission is Friday 23rd August 2019.

Finally; I have begun an intensive programme of meetings with foreign embassies to promote even closer collaboration between us to identify and facilitate opportunities for our members to win work. This will show progress as we host more senior officials from relevant ministries around the world to showcase opportunities and understand our members capabilities over coming months. As I meet with you all I will be keen to know how we can best focus these events, and others to support your interests.

During the quiet month of August, we will be scheduling more programmes to our events calendar, if you would like to propose topics or themes you feel we should cover, please let us know and we will be more than happy to explore these ideas.

After some unsettled weather this week, the weekend promises to bring some sunshine in London, unfortunately not as much can be said for the rest of the UK. As holidays approach for many of us I hope you manage to combine some rest with the push to meet deadlines, whilst also understanding the uncertain political environment both here and abroad. If we can be of help by all means do get in touch, and I look forward to seeing you all when our programme relaunches with renewed energy in September.

Tom Cargill
British Expertise International

Upcoming Events

For any event registration assistance please contact Alex Farley. Click on titles to access more event details. The full calendar can be viewed here and recently added events are highlighted with an asterisk*

3rd September, 2019
MEAG Reception- Sanam Vakil, Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham House
British Expertise’s Middle East Access Group invites you to join us for a networking reception as Sanam Vakil, Senior Research Fellow in the Middle East North Africa Programme at Chatham House. Sanam will share insights on some of her research and experiences on the Middle East.

11th September, 2019
Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Infrastructure Sector
This event will focus on how UK companies can address the diverse range of discrimination, policies and practices that prohibit entry and advancement within the infrastructure sector. Join us for a discussion with Kristina Scheibler — Frood, Principal Structural Engineer, Aecom and Richard Chapman — Harris, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Mott MacDonald, and Lila Thompson, Chief Executive British Water, on Diversity and Inclusion in the infrastructure sector.

12th September, 2019*
Leveraging Impact Investing to Scale Up Economic Growth
Impact Investing is one of the effective mechanisms used to enhance economic development. As developing countries continue to face great socio-economic challenges impact investment has the potential to deliver sustainable solutions at scale.

17th September, 2019
The Role of Infrastructure in the 2050 Net-Zero Emissions Target
This event will focus on the role of infrastructure in meeting the net-zero emissions targets and opportunities for UK Plc under the new legally binding targets. Join us for a discussion with Simeon Agada from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Professor Chris Evans from the Centre for Hydrology & Ecology and Alisdair Clark from EBRD for on the journey to net-zero emissions targets by 2050.

24th September, 2019
PIDG Unlocking Infrastructure Opportunities
The Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) is an innovative infrastructure development and finance organisation delivering pioneering infrastructure in the poorest and most fragile countries. Join us for a meeting with PIDG Chief Executive Officer, Philippe Valahu presents on the work of PIDG and some of the infrastructure opportunities for UK companies.

26th September, 2019*
Promoting Regional Cooperation in Central Asia
We welcome the EU Special Representative for Central Asia, Ambassador Peter Burian, to share his views on regional cooperation and strengthening sustainable development in the region. In June 2019, the European Council published a new Strategy on Central Asia. The new strategy focuses on promoting resilience, prosperity, and regional cooperation.

3rd October, 2019
Sustainable Infrastructure: Looking to the Future
This event will discuss the role of infrastructure in achieving a sustainable future and the challenges of delivering sustainable infrastructural systems under the urgent pressures of population growth and increased demand for housing and services. We will discuss opportunities for sustainable cities and finance and look forward to hearing the insights of Davide Stronati, Global Sustainability Leader, Mott MacDonald Group and Gavin English — MD of IMC Worldwide, Chairman of the Board of Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE).

8th October, 2019
United Arab Emirates Workforce Development Needs: Opportunities for the UK
British Expertise International — Middle East Access Group invite you to join us on Tuesday 8th October 2019 for a briefing and a panel discussion as we look to identify the current and future workforce development trends, challenges and opportunities in the UAE and collaboration between UAE and UK in this field.

29th October, 2019*
Global Trends in PPP in Infrastructure
Once touted as a panacea, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in recent years has evolved to reflect the changing needs of both investors, contractors and public bodies. This meeting will take a look at the global PPP trends, successful models, limitations and opportunities for British companies in the infrastructure sector.

30th October, 2019*
Sustainable Development in Aid Funded Projects
How can we measure “sustainability” in development projects more effectively? Join us for an interesting discussion with Rachel Shah of Springfield Centre, John Shotton from Mott MacDonald and Zach White from Oxford Policy Management, as they share some insights and experiences on sustainable development in aid funded projects.

20th November, 2019*
USAID Funding Strategies and Questions
The seminar will cover USAID funding opportunities, the USAID procurement process, and will give you tools you can take back to your organisation to build and grow your USAID work. This will be targeted to British organisations that are interested in entering the USAID market. The seminar will be led by Mike Shanley, CEO of Konektid, a U.S. consulting firm that advises clients on partnering with USAID.

External Events

29–31 October, 2019
World Bank Group Business Opportunities Fair — Save the Date
We invite you to mark your calendars for the World Bank Group’s Business Opportunities Fair from October 29–31, 2019 in Washington, D.C. The event will focus on energy and climate-related work at the World Bank Group. The program will also feature sessions with other IFIs. Details on the formal registration process will be announced sometime this month. Programming may be refined according to expressions of interest. Space will be limited.

2–7 September, 2019
Mining Mission to Mongolia and Coal Mongolia Exhibition
The mission includes a site visit to one of Mongolia’s largest mines. The mission programme also includes an opportunity to exhibit at the Coal Mongolia 2019 exhibition on the DIT organized stand. B2B meetings will also be arranged to assist UK participants in gathering market intelligence, finding new customers and distributors. Further info contact Elbeg.

10–12 September, 2019
Polish Mining Meetings and Katowice Mining and Energy Forum
A trip to Katowice will enable you to visit Poland’s largest bi-annual Fair for mining, power industries and metallurgy. You can join meetings organised by DIT with key decision makers from two of the most prominent mining coal companies JSW, JSW Innowacje and PGG. Further info contact Janusz.

16–20 September, 2019
Mining Opportunities in Kazakhstan and Mining and Metals Central Asia Exhibition
Join the Mining and Metals Central Asia exhibition and a programme of business meetings arranged by DIT Kazakhstan. There will be a DIT booth at the show and a chance to network at the gala dinner of the country’s biggest mining exhibition. This is a unique opportunity for UK companies to position themselves among the mining experts, gain insight into current mining trends and innovations, combined with a tailored DIT meeting programme and site visits. Further info contact Tatyana.

29–31 October, 2019
World Bank Group Business Opportunities Fair — Save the Date
We invite you to mark your calendars for the World Bank Group’s Business Opportunities Fair from October 29–31, 2019 in Washington, D.C. The event will focus on energy and climate-related work at the World Bank Group. The program will also feature sessions with other IFIs. Details on the formal registration process will be announced sometime this month. Programming may be refined according to expressions of interest. Space will be limited.

5–6th November, 2019
9th International Conference: Mineral Resources in the Republic of Serbia: A Driving Force for Economic Development
The aim of this event is to connect mining sector investors and experts with all relevant government, financial and social stakeholders. The conference will address important issues of the mining sector and will focus on the significant contribution of the mineral resources to the development of the Serbian economy and region.

Workshops — Public Administration International (PAI)
PAI offers professional development workshops focusing on topics and themes around good governance, public administration and leading and managing public services locally and internationally. The training sessions combine practical work, case studies and site visits.

Training Offers — The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH)
The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) offers knowledge, skills sharing and capacity building activities and traditional training courses in the UK and internationally to academia, government organisations and business. Upcoming courses include: Using drones to map habitats, Introduction to GIS for environmental scientists course, Ozone pollution: A hidden threat to African crop production.

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