BEI Weekly Update — 30th August 2019

The calendar of upcoming events and a weekly update from BEI

Dear Members and Friends,

After last week’s heatwave, the current cooler temperatures are most welcome — for now!

Next week is the start of our new calendar of events after the break in August. The pipeline includes some exciting events and we look forward to your participation.

Upcoming event highlights include:

Montenegro’s Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs will be sharing details of the country’s transport strategy and opportunities for UK businesses on 4 September.

Join us on 11 September for a discussion on Diversity and Inclusion in the infrastructure sector and explore ways to improve equality. The discussion panel includes Kristina Scheibler-Frood, Principal Structural Engineer at Aecom and Richard Chapman-Harris, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at Mott MacDonald, and Lila Thompson Chief Executive of British Water.

We still have spaces for the round table discussion with UK Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Rampling MBE on 18 September as he shares some insights on Lebanon and sectors of interest for UK businesses.

In other news,

The DFID’s Supplier Conference will be taking place on 4 September, providing an opportunity for some of our members to engage with key government officials from the departments that spend UK Aid funds as well as network with colleagues from the sector. Keynote speakers include Alok Sharma, DFID Secretary of State, Zac Goldsmith PUSS at DEFRA & DFID and Gareth Rhys Williams, HMG’s Chief Commercial Officer.

BEIS has recently announced a £10m grant scheme for business organisations and trade associations to support businesses in preparing for Brexit with the deadline for applications set for end of September. The objective of the Business Readiness Fund (BRF) is to support engagement and provision of advice to UK-based businesses to understand the impact on UK’s exit from the EU without a negotiated agreement on their business and trading arrangements and to provide practical support to business to mitigate any immediate impact.


In an effort to showcase and highlight our members’ expertise and thought leadership we welcome suggestions and event ideas from members, both in terms of potential topics and speakers. Do reach out and send us your thoughts.

Wishing you all the best for the weekend.

Kind Regards,

Chief Operating Officer
British Expertise International

Upcoming Events

For any event registration assistance please contact Alex Farley. Click on titles to access more event details. The full calendar can be viewed here and recently added events are highlighted with an asterisk*

4th September, 2019
Meet the Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Montenegro
Join us for a round table discussion with Osman Nurkovic, Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Montenegro. Minister Nurkovic will provide an overview of the Montenegrin transport strategy and opportunities for British companies.

11th September, 2019
Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Infrastructure Sector
This event will focus on how UK companies can address the diverse range of discrimination, policies and practices that prohibit entry and advancement within the infrastructure sector. Join us for a discussion with Kristina Scheibler — Frood, Principal Structural Engineer, Aecom and Richard Chapman — Harris, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Mott MacDonald, and Lila Thompson, Chief Executive British Water, on Diversity and Inclusion in the infrastructure sector.

12th September, 2019
Leveraging Impact Investing to Scale Up Economic Growth
Impact Investing is one of the effective mechanisms used to enhance economic development. As developing countries continue to face great socio-economic challenges impact investment has the potential to deliver sustainable solutions at scale.

17th September, 2019
The Role of Infrastructure in the 2050 Net-Zero Emissions Target
This event will focus on the role of infrastructure in meeting the net-zero emissions targets and opportunities for UK Plc under the new legally binding targets. Join us for a discussion with Simeon Agada from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Alisdair Clark from EBRD, Ipek Gencsu from the Overseas Development Institute for on the journey to net-zero emissions targets by 2050.

18th September, 2019
MEAG Round Table Discussion with HM Ambassador to Lebanon, Chris Rampling
Middle East Access Group invites you to join us as we host Chris Rampling MBE, HM Ambassador to Lebanon at a Round Table Discussion on Wednesday 18th September 2019.

23rd September, 2019
Opportunities for UK Business in Morocco
Round Table Discussion with Thomas Reilly, UK Ambassador to Morocco. The country offers a wide range of opportunities for UK businesses in education, energy, infrastructure, and financial and professional services. Some potential also exists in the defence, creative industries, healthcare and mining sectors.

24th September, 2019
PIDG Unlocking Infrastructure Opportunities
The Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) is an innovative infrastructure development and finance organisation delivering pioneering infrastructure in the poorest and most fragile countries. Join us for a meeting with PIDG Chief Executive Officer, Philippe Valahu presents on the work of PIDG and some of the infrastructure opportunities for UK companies.

26th September, 2019
Promoting Regional Cooperation in Central Asia
We welcome the EU Special Representative for Central Asia, Ambassador Peter Burian, to share his views on regional cooperation and strengthening sustainable development in the region. In June 2019, the European Council published a new Strategy on Central Asia. The new strategy focuses on promoting resilience, prosperity, and regional cooperation.

2rd October, 2019
Transforming Agriculture and Agribusiness in Sub-Saharan Africa
Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa holds substantial economic and social potential. Agriculture makes up 23% of Sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP and is key to delivering regional economic growth. However, agriculture and agribusiness require substantial investment, integration and infrastructure to enhance Sub-Saharan Africa’s complex value chain.

3rd October, 2019
Sustainable Infrastructure: Looking to the Future
This event will discuss the role of infrastructure in achieving a sustainable future and the challenges of delivering sustainable infrastructural systems under the urgent pressures of population growth and increased demand for housing and services.

8th October, 2019
United Arab Emirates Workforce Development Needs: Opportunities for the UK
British Expertise International — Middle East Access Group invite you to join us on Tuesday 8th October 2019 for a briefing and a panel discussion as we look to identify the current and future workforce development trends, challenges and opportunities in the UAE and collaboration between UAE and UK in this field.

9th October, 2019
DFID Communications Strategy
Join us for a discussion with DFID’s Communications team on their communications strategy, the department’s future plans and how the private sector can engage and collaborate more effectively in support of this strategy.

29th October, 2019
Global Trends in PPP in Infrastructure
Once touted as a panacea, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in recent years has evolved to reflect the changing needs of both investors, contractors and public bodies. This meeting will take a look at the global PPP trends, successful models, limitations and opportunities for British companies in the infrastructure sector.

30th October, 2019
Sustainable Development in Aid Funded Projects
How can we measure “sustainability” in development projects more effectively? Join us for an interesting discussion with Rachel Shah of Springfield Centre, John Shotton from Mott MacDonald and Zach White from Oxford Policy Management, as they share some insights and experiences on sustainable development in aid-funded projects.

6th November, 2019
Future Energy Security in Developing Markets
What is the future of secure, affordable and clean energy sources in developing markets? Join us for a discussion with Simon Buchler from BCLP, John Lewis from Aggreko and Kirsty Hamilton from Chatham House, as they discuss trends in Africa and Asia’s energy markets and the growing demand for clean affordable energy.

12th November, 2019
Addressing Skills Shortage in the Infrastructure Sector
According to latest Engineering UK reports, construction skills shortages have reached an all-time high. Forecasts indicate an annual demand of 124,000 core engineering roles and a shortfall of 59,000, whilst the UK faces the challenge of encouraging construction careers amongst young people. This event will address strategies for reducing skills shortage both long term and short term that are critical to UK industry and services abroad.

13th November, 2019
Responding to a New Era of Resilient Infrastructure
Resilient infrastructure is the backbone of building resilience and increasing the likelihood of rapid recovery from extreme climate events. Speakers will discuss trends, opportunities and financing mechanisms for British companies engaging with resilient infrastructure globally.

20th November, 2019
USAID Funding Strategies and Questions
The meeting will cover USAID funding opportunities, the USAID procurement process, and will give you tools you can take back to your organisation to build and grow your USAID work. This will be targeted at British organisations that are interested in entering the USAID market. The seminar will be led by Mike Shanley, CEO of Konektid, a U.S. consulting firm that advises clients on partnering with USAID.

External Events

The Department of International Trade have compiled a list of Autumn events for companies interested in Latin America and the Caribbean. The list includes events with both a regional and sector focus.

Upcoming LATAC events

11 September, 2019
Doing Business Down Under — How to establish a successful business in Australia

Mark Metzeling, Special Counsel at Macpherson Kelley will discuss the practical initial steps for commencing business in Australia. Including: tax, intellectual property, employment and more. Trade and Investment Queensland will also discuss the ways of getting assistance for businesses looking to set up in Australian with a focus on Queensland. The event will be at the Australia Centre, Strand, London. For registration email:

10–12 September, 2019
Polish Mining Meetings and Katowice Mining and Energy Forum
A trip to Katowice will enable you to visit Poland’s largest bi-annual Fair for mining, power industries and metallurgy. You can join meetings organised by DIT. For further info contact Janusz.

16–20 September, 2019
Mining Opportunities in Kazakhstan and Mining and Metals Central Asia Exhibition
Join the Mining and Metals Central Asia exhibition and a programme of business meetings arranged by DIT Kazakhstan. This is a unique opportunity for UK companies to position themselves among the mining experts, gain insight into current mining trends and innovations. For further info contact Tatyana.

23–25 October, 2019
Trade and Investment Mission to Rwanda- The Eastern Africa Association
The EAA are organising and leading a Business Mission to Rwanda, commencing in Nairobi for those who wish to have a day’s formal briefing on Kenya. The mission offers opportunities to engage with both private sector and diplomatic stakeholders in Rwanda. Please contact Alex Farley to register your interest.

Workshops — Public Administration International (PAI)
PAI offers professional development workshops focusing on topics and themes around good governance, public administration and leading and managing public services locally and internationally. The training sessions combine practical work, case studies and site visits.

Training Offers — The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH)
The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) offers knowledge, skills sharing and capacity building activities and traditional training courses in the UK and internationally to academia, government organisations and business. Upcoming courses include: Using drones to map habitats, Introduction to GIS for environmental scientists course, Ozone pollution: A hidden threat to African crop production.

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