British Expertise International Awards 2018

Winners Announced!

The BEIA18 results have been announced, the trophies presented and the photographs taken. Congratulations to all!

In a year of many uncertainties in the economic future and direction of the UK it is a pleasure to showcase the many accomplishments made by members during the same period. Accomplishments achieved in an ever-changing challenging world where peace, payment and privilege are never a given. The projects are as inspiring as the people who deliver them.

This powerful showcase would not be possible without the generous backing from our sponsors — BRE, Mott MacDonald and Squire Patton Boggs. Thank you all very much.

International Business of the Year

Sponsored by Squire Patton Boggs

2016–2017 has been a significant year for Turner & Townsend. Internally, the company has seen a 20% increase in turnover and operating profit. Turner and Townsend have continued to expand their global client base and capability in order to respond to challenges and opportunities across the globe. Along the way, they have acquired numerous accolades and have moved up 29 places to #26 in the Sunday Times Grant Thornton Top Track 250 rankings.

International SME Business of the Year

Sponsored by Squire Patton Boggs

Trivandi is an international consultancy that specialises in planning, delivery and operational advice on major projects in the sports, leisure and event sectors. Trivandi’s knowledge of international events and their expertise allows them to bring world class events to the UK and the rest of the globe.

Young Consultant of the Year

Sponsored by Mott MacDonald

WINNER — Alix Landais, Elan RDC
WINNER — Monica Inkpen,
IMC Worldwide
WINNER — Cara Buchan ,
WYG Group

Inspiring, nurturing and retaining young talent is challenging. This award provides an opportunity to reward those that already have significant achievements on the international stage and show great future potential.

International Architecture & Design Project

Groupama Stadium

Groupama Stadium is designed as an architectural focal point for a new civic destination. The massive 53.7 hectare canopy roof reflects the local forest canopies and extends out over the crowd. The uses for this stadium are extremely diverse ranging from the annual Festival of Lights in Lyon to the UEFA Europa League.

International Healthcare Project

Sponsored by Mott MacDonald

Fast-Track Global Collaborations to Conquer Emergencies Such as Ebola and Zika

The challenge facing PHE was to develop and negotiate robust but fair arrangements that allowed participating bodies to share knowledge about Ebola and the Zika Virus. The goal of this project was to allow a more efficient delivery process of resources.

International Development: Physical Project

Shire River Basin Management Project

Mott MacDonald supported the process of engineering and repairing infrastructure of Malawi as well as developing institutional capacity for planning and monitoring, rehabilitation of catchments, development of alternative rural livelihoods. This project was done to support the surge of the national population of Malawi, which was projected to double by 2040.

International Development: Non-Physical Project

Panj-Amu River Basin Programme

Landell Mills supported a project aimed at improving access to water in Afghanistan. The new system would provide a fair water distribution method to individuals. This project played a significant role in sustaining the flagship industry of agriculture at a time when the country was experiencing a spike in population.

International Positive Social Impact Award

Char Development and Settlement Project Phase IV (CDSP IV)

The CDSP has brought stabilisation to the Char Lands of Bangladesh, where hostile environments terrorise local farmers and jeopardise the wellbeing and lives of those who live in this region. CDSP has transformed the landscape into a functioning and sustainable homeland for 28,000 households as well as sparking gender development initiatives for women.

International Collaborative Project

Advancing the Sustainability of Social Housing in Brazil

BRE was able to bring in expertise from Mexico, Chile, and the UK based on the sustainability standards such as BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes. Working with organisations in Brazil, the transfer of tools and a variety of other resources have enabled better social housing from building to community level.

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