Introducing the thought creators

Hello there.

We are Kennedy & Doyle, two émigrés self-exiled from the same place, in two different locations.

Kennedy, a native of the rolling Gatwick Airport region of England, packed his bags to pursue a life of aimlessness on the continent. His current abode is located at 46.5197° N, 6.6323° E, and features a sumptuous geranium-drenched balcony, the perfect setting in which to ponder and muse the day away, and engage in general flaneurery around the town’s scintillating lakeside.

Doyle isn’t from anywhere in particular, and has single-mindedly pursued her childhood vocation and passion: absconding when shit gets real. She aims, yet again, to change that, in her new place, 43.6108° N, 3.8767° E, where she sashays under gently rushing palm trees, brushing stray croissant crumbs off her 100% cotton shirt before heading off to languidly engage in some freelance work.

Kennedy & Doyle will be setting each other a weekly challenge designed to help them integrate into the communities around them. Every Friday, they will send each other a new quest, allowing themselves a week to complete said challenge and to write up a report on their findings and experiences, before moving on to the next. The challenges must meet just two criteria:

  1. Be geared towards exposing a new facet of life in their given locations.
  2. Not be fucking ridiculous.

We hope you enjoy accompanying us on what promises to be something of a groundbreaking, earth-shattering and potentially even universe-imploding adventure.

Call for writers!

We are actively welcoming participation from other Brits Abroad(TM). So whether you’re a Marbella pint-swiller or a Tuscan villa-dweller, whether you’ve just rocked up to your very first decrepit Air B’n’B (inexplicably void of any form of bottle opener — WTF?) or have been a fixture on the local landscape for yahrs, dahling: if you fancy getting involved in some challenges, make yourself known.

Call for taskmasters!

Set tasks for us to complete by adding a comment to any post.